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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by WarEagleCRL, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Ive got a customer that has been using retaining wall blocks to define her beds. She has been slowly doing this over the past 2 yrs. and finally asked for my help. I told her I'd be glad to and I would get back to her on the price. The problem is that she wants all the block level and the yard is not at all. Some blocks are completely buried or pretty close. I would like to give her at least a ballpark price. She understands that I may be way off the number of blocks used. They're the ones from Lowes that are 1'Wx4"H and about 6"deep. Do yall use a per foot price doing this type of work or is the only way to bid this job hourly?
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    # never lie, estimate how long it will take to do a 5-ft section or better yet do one and then just do the math. Give her a ball park # so she doesn't keel over when you deliver the bill. All complicated bid are done like this just figure a small manageable area the do the math.

    Example; 5-ft. pulled up leveled with sand, relayed took 20 minutes to do used 1-bag of play sand so in 1 hour you should complete 15-LFT and use 3 bags of sand.

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