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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by nashvillewall, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Please help me. I have a backyard with a slight slope (1 foot for every 8-10 feet) and I had it leveled in one area for an above ground pool. I had a local landscaper build a retaining wall. Well much to my suprise after they were done i discovered they did not set the blocks in 4" in a trench as I thought they would. The just leveled the ground with what looks like rock dust (very fine rock sype sand) and placed the first row of block on that. I called them to complain and they said that the weight of the wall would naturally push into the softer clay an inch or so and that the wall was rock solid and not go anywhere. They also said that the slope is very gradual behind the wall and that there would not be any pressure behind it that would push it out. They filled with crushed stone 18" behind and put in a 4" drain tube behind, although it sits about 4" above grade behind the high part of the wall. I do not know what to think at this point. From the picture, would you expect it to slide forward or may I be okay on this one. Other than taking the whole wall down and resetting on a new foundation are there any other methods to create a strong barrier in front of the wall to keep it from sliding? I am putting an above ground pool in the center and will have 3-4' space between the pool wall and the block wall. I am in Tennesse and do not experience significant groupd frost/heave. Thanks for any help/advice.

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    Doesn't look much like a threat to me either.
    You can always pack in something in front of the base if you're worried. I've seen rock walls tip , but never slide at the base.
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    The first course should have been can either have them redo it or bring in 6 yards of topsoil (or so) and raise the flat area from the wall to just past the bird bath

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