Retaining wall permit fiasco

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by twowheelted, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. twowheelted

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    O.k. I'll admit that the reason for the fiasco is that we didn't get a permit to construct a 30" retaining wall. I mean really? Now the city is making us get an engineer to look at it. Failed! Now my question is where can I get a drawing for a railroad tie retaining wall? I've tried Google to no avail. I have already lost so much money on this job I'm pulling my hair out! I don't really want to pay the engineer to spend much more time on this. $75 an hour goes fast!
    Any help is appreciated. THANKS!

  2. Dnryan

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    Man that sucks. I don't know that you have much choice other than to have an engineer figure something out. Hope it works out as cheap as possible for ya
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  3. Green Feet Lawn

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    Is it the city's engineer? If so, find an independant engineer.
  4. twowheelted

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    No. That is an independent engineer. I may have to take it down and replace with block. UGHHHH!
  5. MarkintheGarden

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    There is a great book that has the drawings that you want and has the info that you need to build walls that will pass inspection:

    Landscape Construction by David Sauter, ISBN 0-8273-8427-0

    This book is a must have for anyone who wants to do landscape construction.

    Why did the wall fail inspection?

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