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retaining wall price per face ft estimates


LawnSite Member
Paducah, Ky
Hoping a few of you may have some different ideas, suggestions, estimates for putting together a concrete stackable stone wall. We will be installing 68' of base course row and a total of 172 face ft of wall. I have figured on using 12" wide and 6" tall stackable concrete wall block. This gives us roughly 344 blocks needed. The price of the stones is not critical as I will price them locally but we could use some input on the time it might take to build these walls and what you would charge for this service. Topsoil for backfill has been provided by the home contractor and is reletively close to the wall location so we will probably backfill by means of wheelbarrow rather than larger equipment. Thanks!


LawnSite Senior Member

You need to backfill with stone over pipe to daylight and don't forget the fabric. Topsoil is great for finish grading above the wall but if you backfill without proper drainage your wall WILL fail.......As far as labor goes, we'd bid that as a 2 day 3 man crew job. 1 mini ex for the base trench and 1 skidsteer for unloading material and backfilling. Of course this is all in a perfect world, where you hit no rock, where it's level and you don't need to cut out a hillside, there are lots of variables on every job, most guys will tell you per Sq face ft pricing is only good as a guideline, if you commit to pricing like that you'll lose your shirt more often than not.


LawnSite Bronze Member
My company gets $35 per face foot. Almost all my retaining wall jobs are based upon this. You should be able to cover all your expenses and construction costs associated with it. If you need a lot of trucked in Infill soils, then you may need to up it a little or provide a quote based upon logistics.


LawnSite Gold Member
Indianapolis, IN
I have typically charged around 22 to 25 dollars a facial foot based upon a block cost of roughly 10-12 buck a facial foot. Also consider how close you can drop your pallets to the actual wall site. The more you have to pack by hand to the site the higher the cost obviously. Of course local market prices will vary somewhat.