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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by wrtenterprises, Oct 16, 2001.

  1. wrtenterprises

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    I have a couple of small retaining walls to bid for a proposed customer. The total on the wall is 270 square feet. It will be priced with Versa-Lock 6"x16" stone, and it will have caps. The job has very minimal skid-steer work, about (3) hours. I was going to bid it at $22.00 per square foot. Is this reasonable? Any replies will be helpful....
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    First, do a search, and you will find a lot of answers!

    Second, most people here will not go into pricing as one 200 sq ft wall my cost 3 times as much as another 200 sq ft wall.

    A lot of factors involved that only you will be able to judge as we can not go to the site and see things first hand.

    Best advice is, lose the sq ft. idea of pricing (at least thats my idea) Sit down, figure out what the job will cost you, figure out what you want to make, and then charge them accordingingly. If you must, for you own peace of mind, know the sq ft. price, you can take your final bid and divide it by the sq ft. at the end of the job and figure that out.


    P.S. though our team sucks, I'll still say 'go state'
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    Welcome to Lawnsite.

    In the top right corner of this page you'll find the search button. This topic has been covered from several angles, covered by very knowledgeable people, and a search will provide you with a wealth of quality info from which you can decide where your price falls.

    D'oh! Stevie beat me to it.
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    Your getting slow stone.....are you defrosting paver bond on the dashboard up there yet and not leaving the windows cracked.


  5. paul

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    I'll go against the grain here :) with small walls like that I would figure $35 per sq ft.

    Now that said (removing my foot from my mouth) I don't know how high your wall is or what kind of soil you are dealing with. Nor do I know if you have easy acces to the yard where they go, all that affects your price.
  6. Stonehenge

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    Hah! I got a great laugh about the paverbond on the dash! Yes, we have begun that process. Always makes me nervous that a truck will end up stolen, or we'll lock the keys in it while running.

    And Paul, you're probably right on the price, but it sounded like a general question, and without rehashing the whole base course vs. additional courses vs cap course juxtaposed to total per sq ft pricing, juxtaposed to (if 2 juxtapositions is possible???) pricing by the project, I figured I'd just direct them to our prior debates. In very general terms, working back from a project price, we've charged up to $45/sqft for V-Lok.
  7. wrtenterprises

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    Thanks to everyone who has replied. As you hardscape pro's can tell, I am fairly new to this part of our business. It seems as though I am low according to your ranges, but this about as high as my market will tolerate for this type of project. Thanks again, and I will look at future jobs of this nature from a different standpoint.
  8. kermit

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    If you can't get enough for the job DON'T DO IT! Why do contractors take jobs that don't have a profit? If I am going to lose money I'd rather be at home drinking beer.
    Figure out what profit you need and if that type of work is not profitable find something else. I often hear guys moaning about the lack of profit in say, laying interlock, then they price their own work to compete. Just find something else to do. Don't try to compete on price.
  9. BRL

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    Good point that has been preached by many here. However, since my wife is a Penn State Alumnus (you too Steve?) and I know a little about the area, I will say that because the cost of living in that area is so much lower than here or in many other markets, his $22.00\sq. ft. may leave plenty of room for a profit. The $22.00\sq. ft. may be less than cost for many other markets. So as mentioned, figure out the cost & make sure you're pricing it to make money (and check out those other threads!). Good luck wrt.
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    yes, and I've been told I've taken it a little too far..........


    I'm thinking of changing soon if the football team continues to lose.

    On another note, just did a small wall today and if I figured correctly it came out to almost 50 a sq ft. (only 25 sq feet total).
    A whole lot of variances in here from job to job.


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