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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mattb7771, Mar 12, 2011.

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    That is so true. On the surface that might seem like it would work.
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    LOL - yep! Jus keep on doing dat!!! You'll be sure to go far........

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    I dont know why more people don't attend the numerous manufacturers training seminars they offer. I mean they are not the perfect solution but it was helpful to me. I'm not a hardscaper and have mearly dabbled in a few projects (probably not even considered hardscaping). I attended a training seminar offered by Allan Block, I know I know a few of you hate them, on building retaining walls. I'm not sure if I left feeling more knowledgeable or just more confused (based on the amount of new information I recieved) but I know for me it is more of a feeling if I do a project I want to do it right and not screw it up. They offered a lot of information on production hours, equipment needs, estimating, and of course how to build the walls to be structurally sound. You still need to calculate your own labor rates but shouldn't one have done that already? The one thing the instructor was totally against was using sqft pricing. He said to keep track of it in case you encounter a VERY similar job to help estimate it. But the estimating software they gave us ALWAYS used an hourly rate and gave you the approximate sqft price based on that. Its all about educating yourself and experience. I will be putting in a 12x20 patio for my brother this spring and I feel like I know the ICPI/Unilock manuals inside and out and have watched more manufactures videos that I can to admit, but this will be my first real hardscape project, so yea I'm shakin in my boots a little. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures from start to finish so I can get advice on what to do better or differently next time or hopefully even get a "Good Job" comment thrown in there. I just really think this stuff comes down to education and experience like others have said. I've got the "book" education so now its time to get to work which is going to be educational, tough, probably throw a few temper tantrums, and hopefully have a nice completed project. :dizzy:
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    I charge by the beer, you just gotta know how many feet you can build per beer.
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    That is the funniest thing I have ever heard.
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    If you want to take the Allan block certification course or get any more information

    Call the local reps Andrew Caras@ 604-616-8191 or Loren Cocking @ 778-836-2756
    They can inspect your project or set you up with an engineer.

    You can also go see Lance at the Landscape Centre. 604-461-0333
    Tour their yard and show room and talk to him. He's a good guy.
    They just moved to a new site over behind the Ikea on Lougheed Hwy.
    Set up a credit account with them if you don't already have one.
    Talk to Carolyn, she's the co-owner

    It snowed at my job site today. WTF
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    hey new earth thanks for the info hahah i cant believe this weather i was talking to my friend at grassman when it started snowing in coquitlam i told him and he didnt believe me lol i just started talking to lance recently he seems like a nice guy forsure thanks again man

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