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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by timscherer, Jun 18, 2009.

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    I need some ideas how to approach a job that requires installing a retaining wall around a tree that is located on a slight slope. The issues I have to work with is the roots from the tree have surfaced. The roots are approximately 3-4" in diameter and stretch out beyond where the homeowner wants the wall located (beyond the trees drip line). In order for me to do the job correctly, I need to dig a trench 6" deep to allow for my drainage aggregate and leveling sand, however I have the roots that will prevent me from digging a trench in those areas.

    What are your recommendations on how to approach this issue to complete the job. Also, I am beginning to incorporate hardscaping into my business, and I would like to know how much the going rate is per linear feet on retaining walls? The retaining wall would be approximately 3 layers with a cap using a stone size approx 6"x8"x12" with a ledge.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
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    Hire someone who opperates an 'Air Spade'. They will come in a blow all the soil out of the area without damaging the tree roots. Your foundation will vary if you are doing natural stone or a concrete product. In both cases I would build 'lintels' set 4-6" away from the roots, to give the tree room to grow without damaging your work. Drainage is essential that it be done properly to avoid 'efflorvesence( where the water behind the wall causes the salts to be drawn out of the stone/concrete and appears on the face'.... which could eventually kill the tree.

    It is complex and costly to do the project properly. Hardsacping is whole other beast frought with peril and challenges. I recommend networking with other professionals in your area to gain a diversity of knowledge about the landscape. I hope it helps.
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    I never seen air air spade i heard of them i might just you tube it, sounds cool

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