retaining wall sizes, east vs. west

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by csl, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. csl

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    i have owned this company for many years and we have sean as much as 400% growth in past years. the newest thing in our area, pacific nw, is retaining walls, paver patios and water features. we have been doing some very big walls 1500+ sq feet, mostly allan block, we are all certified and they are coming out taking pictures of our work to use for brochures. however, they tell us this is nothing compared to what is installed on the east coast. true? BS? i thought we were doing well, but just interested to see what else everyone is installing. thanks
  2. cedarcroft

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    I built an 1850 sq ft Keystone wall a few years ago, but I would say that is the exception, not the rule. There are a few guys on here that do alot of walls but I wouldn't know how that compares to the west coast. I would imagine that where there are hills, there will be walls.
  3. AWJ Services

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    They use them here in Atlanta area alot.
    There are some walls that are 300 too 500 foot long and upwards of 50 foot tall.
  4. csl

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    yeah we have been doing a lot of 400-500 sq footers, but get a few thousand plus a summer. the guys from AB said there is so much more money in the east people tend to build bigger. just wonderin
  5. mrusk

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    The thing is land cost alot more on the east coast. There for, we have no idea what a unbuildable lot is.

    If i have time i'll try to get some pics of MASSIVE commerical projects going on in my area with SRW. One project most have over a million face feet.
  6. csl

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    yeah thats true, land is still realitively cheap here. we ae working on some large homes around lake coeur d'alene that are running around $550k for a half acre lot. average landscape is over $100k, and we have many patios and retaining walls over $40k. its nice to grab these jobs while they are still around. building around the lake has not topped off like everywhere else.

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