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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PrecisionLandscaping, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. PrecisionLandscaping

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    One of my customers has a retaining wall that they want re-done. I was just curious to how you guys charge for tearing out the old bricks and then building the new wall.
  2. mulchmaster

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    First have you ever worked with retaining walls before? There is a lot too it. Assuming you know what you are doing, I charge regular price to build a wall, plus tearing down the old one. Normally I wont even try to save any of the block, it usually turns into a pia. Edges wont line up, glue on caps, ect. Most people dont understand why you can't "unstack" and "restack"

    Good Luck
  3. Mike33

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    Good post. Tearing out and removing estimate time involved and trucking.
  4. jonlavonne

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    Never do a bid on these kind! Time and materials only. You're fixing someone else's mistakes and who knows what's behind there? Customer probably went with a low bidder the first time and now must pay the piper, so to speak. I was able to use the old blocks on one of these we did,but on another the customer actually paid someone to grind all the glue off the keystone blocks. Not all the pins will come out either! Cheaper to do it all new. If only people would learn!! Re-did a paver ret wall job for a banker that cost him 16,000 originally . Cost him 28,000 to do it again right.

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