Retention pond area weed control

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    I have several shopping centers which we maintain & have to mow the retention areas throughout the year to keep the vegetation down. (pond only has water in it in the Spring, then dries up) It has a LOT of poison Ivy around the area, as well as woody vegetation. The times that we can't get in there & mow when there is water in there allows weeds & scrub trees to grow & quickly get out of control. I'm ignorant to aquatic options:confused:

    Are there selective herbicides with something like 2,4-d, triclopyr, etc., labeled for aquatic use? I'd like to be able to clean these areas up, so they look more presentable when we are not able to get in there because of standing water.

    (I DON"T have Aquatic certification, but am considering, if it would allow me to chemically control some of the weeds)

    Anyone else deal with retention areas?
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    No problem, Aquamaster and Weedar 64 will control the area and are aquatic labelled. Be sure to add a Aquatic MSO as a surfactant.
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    'Crossbow' kills 'em al >> poison ivy, willow trees, other volunteer trees, etc. But it will not prevent new ones from popping up. PBI's Brush Killer is the same thing. Triclopyr can't beat it, and it won't harm turf. Nice. :usflag:
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    I got to call you once again on giving Misinformation. Read the title of this Thread, "RETENTION PONDS AREA" Read the Label of Crossbow. No where on any Manufacturer's label does it say "Aquatic". Check the Helena Label to see the warning about using it near Aquatic sites. FYI Retention Ponds are considered Aquatic Areas.

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