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    I was wanting some advice from those with experience. This is my first year in business and I was wondering what kind of retention rate I can expect from year to year. I bought an exsisting service with 60 accounts in March and currently have 115 accounts.

    I am also looking for help on how to end the season. We have started to cool off, but some lawns are still growing well while others have slowed. I have had 3 customers say they are done for the season and will see me next year. About ten have requested to mow every other week till the end. Should I keep mowing all accounts that don't contact me every week until the leaves fall or it snows? Should I make the decision on when to stop mowing or let the property owner? It's kinda hard to not keep mowing, but I want to be fair to my customers and also fair to myself.

    Any advice for a "newbie" would be appreciated. I love this business!!
  2. nfarr

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    This is my second season. I only lost one customer from last year. They wanted to pay about 2/3 of last years rate. I let them go.
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    if anyone tells me that they don't need their grass cut anymore before mid october, i cross them off the list for next year. i don't want cheap skates and thats an easy way to weed them out. also, i cut as long as the grass is growing, i make the decision to switch to bi weekly, not the customer. btw, i cut up to december last year(kentucky). hope this helps.
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    Yea, cut till it doesnt need it any longer. You will be able to tell. Most people expect you to know when to stop.

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