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    Ugh. I'm about halfway through printing, creating, stuffing etc all my retention mailings for the year.

    I mail each client a greeting letter with information on how to change their program or cancel if needed, schedule of services they are ordered for for the year, pricing and pre pay information etc every year.

    I then generate a hard card that is the schedule and production card I carry with me for my daily route or otherwise is in the file box with all production cards sorted by city, area or zip.

    I'll be mailing all mine out this weekend or Monday.

    How you guys doin?

    We have the luxury of not needing signed contracts and renewals are carry over till cancel deals....simply put.
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    I can't help wondering why you are doing this manually instead of emailing your clients?
  3. Cadzilla

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    I am a weird mix of computer based accounting/invoicing etc with QB and a lot of redundant master lists and crossing off with markers etc...making production cards by hand.... Old school.

    I also mail a cover letter/greeting with specials and info and a pre pay envelope so email wouldn't be a big savings financially or time wise.

    It's how I learned and it works but there is a bit of time involved.

    Not like having some of the programs like real groin or whatever where you can push print and sit back while it all comes out of the slot and then have some secretary stuff envelopes.

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    About the same as I did my "winter letter". I also let my printer print my "route cards" of course. And each card showed the sqft, price and number of pounds needed for the job--or gallons for liquid treatments.

    The letter always said that we would continue automatically, twice. I never mentioned how to cancel, of course.

    My letters went out in Mid-January.

    I always mentioned some important improvement for the coming season(better weed control product, for instance.) I usually offered a free treatment for a successful referral.
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  5. Cadzilla

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    I've considered how to streamline it and move to a printed production card but haven't nailed it down yet. I currently have a 5 x 8 card I have printed with the apps listed, space for name addy phone particulars, and then each app is listed.

    I go and fill out the name, addy etc and if I fill in a price for an app or service they are ordered for it.

    They are very easy to file and carry with me with a chip clip. I then fill in the date and what was applied etc to that and when they are done for the round they go to the back of the box. At the end of each app I sort them all out to zips-cities, file anyone who does not get that app and have my stuff for the next round.

    It's a hybrid combination of things I learned thirty years ago at Davey Tree, Tru Green and on my own.

    Takes me about a week to complete and I have 350 accounts.

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