Retirement plan?


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Yup! If we knew when each of us was gonna die, it would be so much easier !!! we'd know if we should do accelerated payments, annuities, etc

We each have a few hundred k in our deferred Comp accounts right now, SS will help, etc

Insurance is also a wildcard


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We don't really have down time in the winter. I live in Seattles climate so we lose maybe 3 days to snow every year.

As far as retirement, the early retirement guys on reddit say something you can draw your money to live without going more than 4%, or something like that?

I think with the mortgage paid off, if I was retiring today, not accounting for inflation in 20 or 25 years, if I had 2m I would feel ok to retire with my wife.

If I run out of money I guess take a line of credit on the house.

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Yeah cost of living is high out there. And so is housing, so I cannot help with real estate advice as I buy 300k homes and rent for 1500 to 2000 per month. Your area is 600k+ and rent is probably well over 2.5k.

My personal goal is earn $10k to $15k /month cash flow from passive income when I retire. I have no plans on selling my properties.

I also have no interest in 100% retirement, I will work as a hobby that pays me (semi retire). I can not not work... I have to stay busy or I'll go nuts.


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Read about the boglehead 3 fund approach.

Start an account(s) with vanguard. Add money as often as possible in a strategy as described above.

Keep growing your company. Start a 401k as soon as possible and max it out yearly. Push all those associated fees onto the business. Hire your spouse and max theirs out too.

Focus on maximizing your business valuation. If you play your cards right, it will be worth more than you imagine.
Well I don't believe it, a fellow Bogleheader in here. Folks would do well to spend more time reading threads there if they are serious about money. Vanguard for the win.

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