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  1. lawnworker

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    it seems to me this lawn care is a hard way to go to really put alot of money away in savings.From year to year with weather and off season you never no what to expect.How are you all out there doing with savings any good? are is it taking every doller to keep going?

    dont work to hard today Lawnworker
  2. Island Lawn

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    Time leveraging.

    Hopefully you/I have a few years before retiring. With planning, time can be on your side.
    I try to figure how much I will need.
    Then figure how much time I have.
    Then you know how much to put awy each wk/mo

    I think it is wise to write out a savings plan.
    Just like your business plan, it will need periodic review/revision.

  3. John Allin

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    One of the biggest mistakes made when starting up a landscape business is not plugging in a number for YOU. Figure a salary for YOU and plug that in as one of your costs. If you don't do it early on, it gets harder and harder as time goes on.

    Now, you may not always get what you plug in, but if you don't plug it in... it's for sure that you will never get any of it.

    My personal life got alot better once I bought in to the fact that I needed to be paid for my time (or at least a portion of my time anyway). That's how "real business's" do it - and you should view yourself in that light too as you ARE a real business.

    Same goes for putting away money for retirement. Put away 3% of your gross revenues in a separate account and forget about it. Take the money as it comes in. 3% isn't alot. Write the check out every day if necessary, and deposit it/them each week. It'll ad up over the years.
  4. mowerman90

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    my definition of retirement? Only doing 4 lawns per day!
  5. awm

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    i was hurt so couldnt work for a time. found out retirement from work is the last thing thats going to happen to me.i dont look forward to it.

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