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    I was just wondering about how many of you have retirement funds and if you do how did you set it up. A buddy and me were talking about it today and it got me started thinking about it. Thanks alot.
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    There are many retirement unds through places like Vanguard or T. Rowe Price that can get you going. Many comapnies have many good funds. For instance I have a Roth IRA through T Rowe Price. What I did was went on T Rowe Price's website and requested the paperwork to get started. I filled out the info and sent them a voided check to set up automatic withdrawal. Twice a month they take $166 out of my account and I never see it which is great. Other companies do this too. You just have to decide what funds you want your investments in. So basically I have my work's pension and I do a 457 tax deferred plan through work and then the I have the Roth. Never hurts to have many eggs incubating. :)

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