Retiring from the Army, looking to start a mowing business

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MattR77, Feb 13, 2014.

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    That is a relatively broad statement...

    Maybe if your market is over-saturated with companies...

    But remember, not all of us are in that category.

    Marketing success is like ninja success. The ninja does not hinge all of his success on one technique or weapon... He uses many different weapons.... throwing stars, nunchaku, stealth, teleportation...

    So to say that the key to success or obtaining customers is having a good web presence is like saying the key to being a successful ninja is having a well balanced manrikikusari.

    You will find that marketing is a recipe that only you can write depending on a number of variable factors. Business plan, budget, market, and target demographic being only a few of them....
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    Congrats on your retirement. I'm separating after 12 years just don't want to deal with it anymore. I'm also looking to start up. With that being said, I'm not sure what the Army calls it, but the Air Force calls it "The Airmen and Family Readiness Center". Should be the same place you attend the TAPS or GPS class for retirement/separation. Anyway ours here at Dyess in Texas offers a "Boots to Business" class and was informed other bases should offer as well. It was pretty boring to be honest because I've done a lot of business research but I did learn a few things. Might be worth looking into to see if your base has something similar. If they don't and you want some more info I believe I have the slide show at on my work computer I wouldn't mind sending it to you if you'd like, just hit me up. But there are MANY MANY business/funding options out there for veterans. Good luck, let me know if you need anything.
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    Thank you for your service. Best of luck in your business ventures. Biggest piece of advice I have is sell yourself not your price. Market Market Market, its never too soon.
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    Learn to sell. Learn how to sell a job on value, not price. Dont underbid to get work. Learn to communicate with current and potential clients. Don't talk TO them or AT them. Communicate WITH them, effectively. And dont under under bid. Keep good records, nd of course practice your new mower on your own yard if its new to you, ie, you never used a walk behind or ztr before. You dont want to be practicing how to drive it on a clients yard. Did I mention dont under bid to get work?
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    congrats and i hope and believe you can do well.
    just a couple suggestions...

    1. most versatile mower.- a 48 inch walk behind hydro. if i had to get one machine it would be that.

    2. advertising-paint a 3 by 4 sign and put on back of utility trailer gate and get it done with services,number, etc.............door hangers..............yard signs...........and maybe craigslist

    good luck
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    I dunno if a walk behind is the way to go if he wants to avoid heavy lifting because of service related injuries? Im assuming that's a leg/back issue.
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    Thank you so much for serving our country! When it comes to print advertising, I think you should check us out! We do it all, door hangers, postcards, EDDM, business cards, etc. We have awesome pricing and our Band-It Stick-It products help keep your door hangers on the door where they belong! Some specials we offer include FREE custom design service which can be helpful. Right now we have 1,000 full size, full color Band-It door hangers including design for only $99. You can request free samples at or feel free to call or email me anytime - Glenda Smith - Adeas Printing - (866) 778-4254
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    Thank you for your service. I'm in a similar situation. I have retired from federal law enforcement and decided to go for it and be my own boss.
    I also plan on doing mostly mowing and may do some fertilizing and mulching.
    My first steps...I contacted a CPA we discussed LLC or SP. I decided on LLC, so I have filed that with the Secretary of State. We also discussed accounting software. I haven't made a decision yet, but my accountant is fond of Quickbooks.
    I also had to get City License for the two cities I would be operating in.
    Then I went to the bank and opened up my business account putting in some start up money.
    My next step was to place an ad on Craigslist. Order business cards, vehicle magnets, door hangers etc.
    I live on a small farm and I already had truck, trailer, and lawn equipment, including my ZTR BadBoy mower. So I plan on using what I have to start. With that said I am currently shopping Craigslist (CL) for a good walk behind.
    Good luck in you adventures and once again, Thank you for your service

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