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    I've told my wife this, but she should know I went with a smile on my face.
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    I'm about three years behind Buddy Buds. I plan to keep about 15 EOW mowing accounts and continue to do Dingo and Compact Tractor work. Working about 4 days over two weeks. That'll give me more time to treat my wife like princess!
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    My dad works at a hydro electric plant on the Mississippi River. Last year this guy who was 75, had been working there for 40 something years and refused to retire.Anyways, one night he went out on the dam in a golf cart to check something (he wasn't supposed to be out there alone) and he had a heart attack, fell in the river and never got to retire! How sad! It's pretty sad when all that people have to do or look forward to is going to work . Good job retiring OP!
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    That's what people have always done.
    Up until 100 years ago ppl didn't retire at 65 years old. Farmers, loggers, bakers, etc. If they wanted eat, they worked. Or starved.
    Animals same thing how many bears just stop hunting at 15 yrs old ?
    Or squirrel's, or fish.
    Never have understood what the great rush to retire is ?
    Humans weren't made to just stop being productive. My Dad just turned 80 he still cuts and splits firewood every day. Mowes the lawn, snow plows, makes machine parts for small scale steam engines.
    Nothing wrong with working till the Good Lord takes you home.
    What else you going to do with 24 hrs?
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    That’s to keep him amused

    Just enough to play with
    Not enough to call work

    If you’ve ever known an ambitious man who retired, they go nuts with nothing to do.
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    Old bears do hunt less actually
    They get skinnier
    Eventually one winter they just die in hibernation because they didnt get enough to get through the winter

    Did you know no one has discovered the remains of a bear that died of natural causes in the wild?
    Old bears just literally disappear.

    Odd facts keep me amused.

    In the Olden days with people, yes they did retire
    They’re called elders and society valued them for their experience and knowledge... this was before you could just ask Siri for your answers.
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    Cool on the bears.
    Elders still worked, they may not have been steering the plow anymore, but they helped with fixing thing, putting up food, they did what they could. They didn't just sit there. Or go golfing everyday.
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    But they didn’t work or produce enough to provide for themselves
    They relied on the family/community/tribe
    Just like kids... kids worked too just not productive enough to go solo.

    Take an tribal chief for example tho what work do they actually do?
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    The problem is that everybody ages differently.. I yea I know people who were active in their 90s. I know people who died in their 60s. Nobody knows how you will age
    Nobody says you have to retire. Many times your body and/or mind makes you retire
    Some companies have mandatory retirement age. Many won't hire the elderly
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    I'm one that doesn't have a problem with piddling around all day. I like flying model airplanes and have a collection of about 30 different planes to fly! A bunch have navigation lights that allows flying at night! Hence the name "flybynite" as my forum name. So that keeps me busy when I'm not busy. lol
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