Retrofit Lights in existing pool??HELP??

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by, Aug 25, 2011.

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    So we are putting in an automatic pool cover for a client and they are asking if we can retrofit a color changing light into their pool. They don't have any lights in the pool now so I am not sure how to the best way to start is.

    Figured I would bore a hole on the pool then mortar/epoxy the housing in. Then drill down from the top(we are redoing the pool decking) and run the wires down so there are no holes below water level. I was hoping to find a light that was a smaller like 4" instead of the regular large 6-10" ones.

    Any advise or places to look would be helpful.
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    Cant really help you with the how to on this, but if you're wanting a smaller fixture, look into the spa version of the SAM light or the SAL light made by Pentair. I'm also fairly certain that you'll need to put in a "deck box" near the light that sticks up out of the ground, cant remember the specifics on that though.
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    I would run away from that one. Too little money and way too much liability on a pool retrofit.
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    You had better get a License Electrician for this job, one who In fact does Electrical for Pools.
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    Call me when you have a moment to discuss.

    Ken Martin
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    There is way too much liability involved. Everything from the electrical/water problems to punching a hole in the side of a pool that will probably leak.

    Wall away René, walk away....


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