Reverse Engine rotation on a weekeater

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andyinchville2, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Andyinchville2

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    I was weedeating the other day and noticed something interesting.....My weedeater seemed to cut grass off fence lines and walls better when I walked in the opposite direction compared to how I normally walk with the weedeater (I am right handed and use my right hand to operate the throttle and my left to hold the handle of my Shin 270....When I walk I typically hold the head of the weedeater towards my leftand move in the direction of my right arm))....Has anybody else noticed this?......Also when I edge, the weedeater throws dust in the direction of my travel making it hard to see the line I'm cutting sometimes.....Would be great I think to be able to reverse the direction of the engine to make cutting easier....Does anybody know if the engine would run OK spinning in the opposite direction?.... I could probably alter the starting mechanism to accomplish this......(Yes, I have tried walking the other way but you cant teach and old dog new tricks!).....Am I weedeating like you would (hold technique and direction of travel?)


    PS -I know that using cable drive weedeaters the head sping in the "right" direction for me....but weedeaters using a gearbox causes the head to spin in the "wrong" (counterclockwise).
  2. PLM-1

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    walk the other way...right to left. it will throw the stuff back at you. the arrow on the shield is the direction the head spins. when you edge turn the head vertical and the shaft at 130 degrees and walk right to left. i have never heard of a weedeater spinning clockwise..all of mine have ALWAYS spun counterclockwise (the way it should be..LOL)
  3. GeeVee

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    The head spins the way it does for centrifigal force. The bolted on parts would loosen if they didn't spin they way they do.

    Holding the device the way you do, you would see an increase in efficiency if you traveled around the work clock wise (r-l).
  4. Andyinchville2

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    Thanks for thinking of that....I forgot that the threads on the head would have to be change changed so they wouldn't loosen if the engine spun the other way.....I tried walking clockwise but it seems so unnatural to me.....
  5. GeeVee

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    Learing left hand throttle isn't that hard, but you have to be a hair more patient than your average lawndaryl.

    One full day tops. AND, you wear a lot less stuff home each day left handed.

    (evens out those arm muscles for two fisted drinking, or ambidextrous pud-pulling, for the Gedd types.)
  6. Ric Harris

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    I use a 13 year old HomeLite ST-275 weed eater with a rapid feed head and .155 line. I'm right handed also, and with a clockwise spinning head the days of walking from right to left are gone. My helper uses the counter clockwise spinning Echo trimmer and at the end of the day, the boots tell the story. You can "LOL" at the name but that ST-275 will put some of them Pro weed eaters to shame!

  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    No reason they can't make then spin the right way!

    Commercial trimmers suck!

    Slow, unefficient for the right hander and filthy!

    I like the rotation better for edging though.

    Anyways, the first commercial trimmer made that spins the right way will get my business immediately!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes I want to go back to Ryobi straight shaft trimmers. Last one was a split shaft and held up 2 years running all the attachments.
  8. Andyinchville2

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    Thanks for some of the responses...I haven't had a chance to look into reversing the direction of the starter mechanism and changing out the threads at the bottom but I wonder if anybody out there has actually done this already (modifying a weedeater to spin in the opposite direction from the manufactured way)...
    I think it would help alot to make a weedeater than can be reverse rotated for us right handers.....
  9. Andyinchville2

    Andyinchville2 LawnSite Member
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    Just thought about it but I did ask the dealer if they knew a way to make the head spin the other way and they just scratched their heads....I wounder if there aren't alot more lefties out there
    cutting grass than us righties....I mean there has to be some reason why all the manufacturers get the heads to spin a certain way?
  10. Pecker

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    I too liked the clockwise direction (when operating the trimmer, looking down at it as it cuts, the string spins clockwise) of my Ryobi. The reason I like, as a right-hander, is because it allowed me to trim left to right and it throws the leaves and debris out away from the fences and structures so that it can be mulched by the mower. Since I'm still right-handed and must go left to right (vs. having to twist my upper body to trim right to left), the commercial trimmers just throw the debris up against the fence and the end effect is not so great because there is still debris near fences and structures that can't be mulched by the mower.

    The only reason I can think of that they would do this is to counteract the effects of the mower blades, since they all seem to spin clockwise. I noticed in places, such as curbs, that over time the grass wants to start growing laid over slightly in the direction that the mower blades travel. Since the trimmer works in the opposite direction it stands the grass back up, and makes it look good.

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