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Reversing Blade on Edger


LawnSite Senior Member
Anderson, IN
Thinking about changing the belt routing on my walkbehind edger to make the blade spin backwards. The only time I use my walkbehind is for new clients to get a good edge / small trench so I can maintain with my edge-it. When doing new clients I usually walk backwards to dig the durt out so my edge-it works like it should. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried this.

I was thinking of useing two 8-point edger blades (.200 thick) running the blade backward to dig out the dirt. Obviously you would have to go slow, but what does everyone think?


LawnSite Member
Dayton, Ohio
On new edging account I will run my walk behind edger 2 times forward and then once will walk backwards with it to get the crap out and leave a clean edge. Never thought of reversing the whole thing though....when you try it let me know if it saves time.


LawnSite Bronze Member
My stick edger seems to do a good job on first time edging as well as weekly maintenance.

Its a Stihl 85 and I use the thick blades. Fast N easy.