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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rgodwin, Sep 24, 2017.

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    Had a friend share screenshots of a lady giving him a 1 star review because she "didn't like the pictures of his work". She is not a customer. Do review sites have a policy against this sort of thing when people who do not have experience with the company review them? I don't think there would be a legal case against it unless it was defamation, but that would depend on what exactly was said. If so a letter from a lawyer should fix it. Figure this could happen to me one day and would like to know what steps can be taken in this situation.
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    Most likely competition or someone has something personal against him. If you put yourself out there anything can happen. If you get fake or malicious reviews they are easy to take down on Yelp and a bit harder on Google, but it is possible. Not sure about Facebook.

    I have worried about that before and I don't think it's worth the stress. Focus on doing good work and the good reviews will come. Best way to fight it is get good reviews to bury the bad ones. You are bound to have unhappy customers and how you handle those situations are what's important.
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    If it's a Google review you can definitely contest it. Your friend should enquire about the site's policy regarding fake reviews and contact them when he can. Online reputation counts a lot for our business these days.
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    Re: that specific review, Google will not likely remove it, while Yelp would.

    Google does not specifically require that a review be from a customer.

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