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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Oct 15, 2003.

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    Last week I rented a BedScaper (made by E-Z Trench) from Home Depot.
    I needed it to redefine an edge for a mulch job I was doing.
    Keeping in mind that I have nothing to compare it to as I've never used any type of bed edging machine before, I really liked this thing.

    This one came with Honda engine, started right up of course.
    Easy to operate, just lower front of machine to desired depth (I think there were only like two depth settings, could easily drill hole to make another one or two if need be. Probably not necessary on most cases though), then just pull back the lever handle to engage the blade and pull the machine backwards along the line that you want to edge.
    You don't have to pull hard at all, the blade sorta helps it along.

    It cuts right through small roots like they're not even there, and can eat through larger roots in a few seconds if you just hold it there (kinda like a stump grinder).

    Because of the swivel castors on the rear, it can cut very tight turns. We did a tree ring that was less then 3' wide. I've heard complaints here about other makes because they can't cut them that tight.

    It's small enough that I could pick it up by myself to load in truck bed. Some others I've seen, I wouldn't be able to do that with.

    For a rough reference, one edge was about 50' long. It took about 3 minutes to edge it. Then about 5 more minutes to go back and spread soil that was displaced into the bed before installing mulch.
    If I had to hand cut that in with a shovel, I'm guessing about 1 hour, and I doubt it would have been as clean in the end.

    Great machine, I'd definately rent it again. I don't do enough bed edging to buy one now, and doubt I ever will. Just have to try to line those jobs up for one day and split rental fees into customers price quotes.
    BTW, it was like $48 for 4 hours. That included insurance and tax.
    You can do a LOT of bed edging in 4 hours with this thing!

    P.S. The model I rented was the BE300
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    Thanks for the review. I am in the market to purchase a bed edger at the first of the year and are interested in the different brands out there and what people think of them.

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