Review of DR Power PRO-XL 30 brush cutter

Locke Lamora

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I wanted to do a review of this machine on here, as when I was looking to buy a machine I couldn't find many actual reviews. This is a totally voluntary thing and I am in no way affiliated with the company or any dealers. I recently learned Generac actually owns DR and they have started to come out with their own line of products...anyways on to the review

To clarify, this is a review of the 30 inch model with the 20 H.P. Briggs and Stratton. I have been using the blade that comes stock, but have the H.D. blade in the mail to try when this one needs to be touched up. I have used it for about 4 hours, so this is not a long term reliability review, but simply an initial impression and thoughts.

I ordered this from DR's website directly and got $500 off, I called a local dealer to ask if he wanted me to buy it from him, he said they'd happily service and sell me parts but matching that price isn't worth the extra paperwork for him. As a business owner I get that, and I will be buying parts and doing any big service I can't handle through them going forward.

The machine came freight and minor assembly was required. I had to slip the mower deck onto the main body, then attach the second half of the belt. Gas and Oil All easy enough and plenty of instructions if I was confused on anything. One thing I would like to mention that I really liked during this is the oil drain. On most small machines changing the oil is a nightmare for me, simply because the oil drains all over the machine without some sort of special set up. DR took care of this problem for you and the oil has an overflow tube that easily drains the oil. So if you overfill a little, it takes a second to CLEANLY drain. Maintenance looks a whole lot less annoying with that simple change. I know I could have made my own, but it shows they are thinking.

Another feature I really like is the "traction drive" handle. Historically on a lot of machines like this, you put it in the gear you want and off it goes...and you are jumping to catch up. With this, you put it in gear, and it doesn't move until you push down on the handle, much like some lawn mowers. You can also feather the throttle like this, so when in 2nd gear going over some high field, you can slow down if you come to some rocks or thicker stuff, then get right back to full speed without changing the gears. I really like this, not sure if its the same on others.

I used the brush cutter in a few different environments. 1) Field 2) Tall weedy woods area 3) swampy ass areas by accident and finally through some actual saplings and super thick pricker bushes that might be older than me.

It did great in all of these conditions. I cruised along in 2nd gear and a medium/fast walk speed and it cut down everything without leaving much for stragglers behind. For the thicker stuff 1st gear one time seemed to do the trick. It easily chomped everything I went over, except rocks:hammerhead:.

There is plenty of power in this machine, and it is easy to steer with or without the added steering help via the breaks. I did find utilizing the break based turning I could turn it on a dime without any issue at all. I was surprised at the maneuverability of the machine, as I have only used some older sluggish ones that are really a huge pain. When in flat areas, or areas that didn't have logs down everywhere it was almost effortless to run this machine.

That does lead to one of the two issues I found with the DR Power:
1) It cannot for the life of it, go over a log on the trail. Even thick branches seemed to cause issues with the traction in the tires. It went through swamp and mud literally no issue, but couldn't get over 5 inch fallen branches/trees without some muscle from me. Bigger logs were even harder, but I was able to muscle it and work it over them. It can be done, but it's more like using an older machine that makes you work for it.

2) Whenever I was tipping the machine back to go over things, or if I wanted to have it not scrape along the stone driveway while moving it, gas would leak out the top of the tank. ???? I don't understand why and the cap was on super tight. I will probably call about this because I also don't have a filter in my gas tank and it shows a filter in all the diagrams.

I love this thing and I will be maintaining my woodslines open areas with this going forward. It's physically much easier to use than my big stihl brush cutter while being much more powerful and way faster/more effective than weed eating. Walking trails will be a breeze with this and a small chainsaw. Besides pushing it over all the logs in the way it really impressed me and I am happy I finally bought one. I am going to add a tach to it so I can keep up with maintainance hours. I will now include a few pictures.

Side Pic with the Taco:

Control Station:

This shows the drain tube for the oil.

Here is an example of some of the bigger sized stuff I ran over without an issue. Still would want to follow up and cut the stumps down to the dirt with a lopper on some of them.

Final results in woods

I have NOT used any new Billy Goat or other brand brush cutters, I'd love to hear some opinions you guys who use these more often than I will have. I have this for a commercial property and private use and am the only operator. I wanted more power and a little wider cut than Billy Goat currently offers which is why I went with DR Power. Bradley or something might make one, but their main website says out of stock and I wasn't sure of dealer support in my area.

Thanks for checking out my review and enjoy your 4th! :usflag::usflag::usflag:
Locke Lamora

Locke Lamora

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Wanted to do a quick update. I have about 8 hours on the machine now. Did the first oil change @5 hours, as recommended by booklet, super easy and quick. I also added a tach to it after doing so, to keep track of future maintenance.

Cleared out a bunch of saplings, brush, and field...still running strong and chopping up everything it can run over. The heavy duty blades came in the mail the other day, I will try those out later this summer and report back on that.

Over all still very happy with the machine, I checked out one my brother has that's 2-3 years old I guess and I think the updates they did are big improvements for operator ease.

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