Review of my new Kubota ZG227

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Scagmower48, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. grassman177

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    pretty much, just really hate the wieght of it after mowing for 2plus years with it
  2. john33

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    hi i am john new guy to the site doing some internet surfing on this exact subject and here i go i got 10 pages worth of good reading! buy the way looks to be a very good forum glad i joined.

    figure i would jump in here, being that i just got a good deal on a brand new 010 model (zg222) out the door for 5800, 1hr on it. picked up today and figures it rained so i could not get on and play with it. i like this unit all ready but looks like i will learn to love it from what i have red here. john
  3. kubotafan

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    Has Kubota made any improvements to the plastic impeller? What drives the grass bagger?
  4. Scagmower48

    Scagmower48 LawnSite Senior Member
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    There is a double pulley on the right side spindle so that another belt could be installed on it to drive the bagger.
  5. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    One of the best threads on this forum. I am negotiating with a gentleman for his 2011 ZG227 60" with 100hrs. I hope we can work something out.

  6. farmershawn

    farmershawn LawnSite Member
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    This thread heavily influenced my decision to purchase a 2011, 223 hour, ZG227, 54" deck today. $5,500.00. Some typical scuffs and blemishes, very clean overall. The owner just did the 200 hour dealer service, brand new blades at that time. Very well maintained.

    It needs a new front/center anti-scalping wheel, it is pretty shot.

    I'm gonna buy a bagger-system, lights, mulcher kit and maybe a canopy in the next couple months.

    I'll be up first thing tomorrow, get it off the trailer and get to cutting.

    I've got 4 acres of lawn to do.

    I'm also going to use it every couple months on my two (2) ten acre cow pastures, and twice a year on my 20-acre hay-field.

    The pastures and hay-field are very clean, no debris, pretty smooth, no hills, flat or gentle inclines.

    I'm like a kid at x-mas, too excited to sleep, and want to get up early and go mow! :cool:
  7. farmershawn

    farmershawn LawnSite Member
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    Follow up to my previous post.

    LOVE this machine. I've put ten hours on it.

    Mowed about 4 acres of very clean and smooth lawn around the houses, shed, garden and driveway. No sweat. Beautiful cut.

    Then I decided to do a bit of torture-test.

    I mowed about a 1/2-acre in front of my barn. 6-foot tall pasture weeds. Thick, choking, Amazonian, deep jungle kind of ****. Felt like I should be riding an elephant and looking out for tigers. I set it on 5" (max setting) and had to let the mower creep through and rock it forward and backwards a bit to keep from choking it. But...I made it. Took a second pass of course, a third pass in some spots, but damned if it didn't get it done. I also did a little 2-acre pasture that had a 5-foot tall weeded center section. Once again, I crept through the first pass, then did a second or third pass.

    I also mowed maybe 1-acre of one of my cow pastures with no problems. I'm gonna mow the rest of it tomorrow.

    My hay-field however is too thick, thigh-high, too big, and I would have to creep the whole thing. I'm having a buddy of mine bush-hog it.

    Incredibly impressed with this ZG227 beastly machine. :clapping:
  8. postman

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    that's a nice looking mower .looks like its put together well..may it last you many years.Thumbs Up
  9. jgarrett

    jgarrett LawnSite Member
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    I LOVE my ZG227, while at the dealer I really, really wanted a diesel (like my Kubota B3200) but just couldn't justify the cost! It was like $5000 more in the 3 series with a diesel so I figured out I would just "settle". After I got it home and for the last 5 years I know I made the right decision. I always keep up on maintenance and cleaning with super sharp blades and I can haul butt mowing. Blows my neighbors away how fast I mow and I really could go faster but what's the hurry! haha
    I think we both made a great choice.
  10. jgarrett

    jgarrett LawnSite Member
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    I tried other blades, 2 sets and they touch!! Just ever so slightly but very noisy! It was scary so I just went back to OEM blades and look for sales and then stock up.

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