Review of my new Kubota ZG227

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Scagmower48, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Kawasaki uses the SAE1940 standard which states:

    Peak Horsepower (HP) specifications for general purpose engines are calculated pursuant to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1940 for horsepower ratings - calculated with the air cleaner and muffler removed, per the SAE standard. Actual engine horsepower is lower and affected by, but not limited to, accessories (air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, fuel pump, etc.), application, engine speed and ambient operating conditions (temperature, humidity and altitude). The reason for this standard is to provide consistent measurement to customers who may want to control the intake and exhaust features of the engine. (ml-small-engine-services).

    So a 27hp FX751V engine net hp could be 25 or 24hp if not less. However, the bore on the FX751V is bigger than the FX730V 26hp, so you will get more torque out of the FX751V. Kawasaki's website only shows gross hp and torque. I would think the torque will be around 47 to 49 ft lbs if not less depending upon what the tractor company adds to the engine.
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    Great and informative posts Eagle!

    The HP testing and rating system has not gone unnoticed by the lawyers either as there was a class action lawsuit that was just settled on the issue of HP ratings of several engine manufactures. Anyone that has bought a mower between January 1, 1994 and April 12, 2010 with one of the listed engines can claim their $35 for walk mower or $75 for rider.

    Your post just confirms that I made the right decision buying the ZD221. I have had it a week now and have not cut a blade of grass with it. Tomorrow is the big day and I have 4 properties to cut ranging from 1 to 5 acres. I plan on starting early so I’m sure it will be wet. Thanks to everyone that has shared their thoughts and opinions.

    From what little I have driven the ZD221, on and off the trailer and around my yard, the steering does seem to be stiff like everyone has said but to me it feels like I have more control. I have been using a Toro Z master 62” with around 400 hrs so that’s what I compare it too. I will post more when I get some seat time.
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    I run a Kubota ZG222 with a 48 pro deck. It's an awesome Machine. I absolutely love it!
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    We also recently bought a ZD326 which is great except for the touchy controls. Plan on having it for many years to come. This is our third Kubota Zero turn. Our oldest one (ZD21) has about 3500 hrs on it but not sure we are on our second hour meter. These are indestructible we use it every day and haven't made many repairs mainly just general maintenance very reliable machines. Our other ZD21 has about 2500 hrs.
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    we used to have a couple of zd21 and they were very nice machines and very easy on the lawns and great traction. they however did not have a great cut, and seems like the prgression of better decks sure adds on alot more weight!!!! we have had kubota zd mowers since the first ones so i know all about each of them and loved my zd21.

    we currently have 3 zd326 mowers and really like them
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    I reeaalllly would love some input on the new rear discharge deck. Obviously the ZD series mower is top notch, but if the cut of the deck (specifically, the new rear discharge deck) sux, then the rest does not really matter. Anyone?
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    Complete newbie here (just registered today!)

    Found this site googling "Kubota ZG227 reviews". Great thread! Lots of really good information that confirms I made a good decision.

    I purchased a 2010 Kubota ZG227. I have 2.5 acres (1.5 acres around my house and a 1 acre field... soon to be a ball field).

    I was mowing with a LandPride FDR1660 60" finish mower off the back of my BX23. PITA to turn around at the end of a run and around the house!

    After researching every brand and my positive experience with my BX tractor I decided on the ZG227. (not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for!)

    anyway... pick it up Saturday, I'll take some pics and post a review!
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    It seems like a steep price for a HP model. Its not even full size, and its also two years old. I paid 7500 for a new machine with a 8 inch bigger deck and 8 more HP. Why don't you try another dealer. The Kubota dealer near me is a joke. They told me the kubota was no good and pushed me to a Scag. I went to a Kubota dealer 1 hour away and got better service

    Who is a good dealer in CT? I am east of the river.
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    TOAD, what is up man!
    have about 800 hrs on mine as well and are doing great and run super, but did have two of them within days of each other develop oil pan gasket leaks and were repaird b4 warranty was up. other than that, perfect. we lost some of the larger accounts i used them on so they are seeing less work this year and more stander work coming in so they will last us longer than expected year wise. we were planning on getting at least 2000-2500 hrs on them b4 selling and replacing these and they should have no issues doing so especially due to the diesels and oiver all build quality. currently we have never put more than 1200 hrs on one but then traded for newer and better(old zd21-old zd28-new zd326) but other Kubotra mowers have lasted than long with care and maintenance.[/QUOTE]

    I lost some larger accounts as well due to lost bids.

    Thinking about a new 326 for next year. I want to sell the Cub with the bagger and go with the 326 with bagger. Did you see the new (catch all) bagger from Kubota, looks cool from the pic. I guess you can unload it from the drivers seat.

    I hope to get at least that many hrs also before trading. I told the wife it was a (ten year mower) when I bought it so ya know what I mean. Kubota for me all the way. Love them diesels
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    Yup, thats it. Dont get it stuck, you have to use the truck to get it out!! I dont even try any more, just do the walk of shame, unhook the trailer and hook up the chains man. At least with the cub I can man handle it some and try to atempt to get it out. LOL

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