Review of Oregon Standard Duty Blade Grinder Model 88-025

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bwanderson79, Feb 27, 2013.

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    This is my review of the Oregon Standard Duty Blade Grinder Model # 88-025.

    I am posting this primarily for those LCOs on a limited budget who may be part time (like me) or just starting out. Since this unit offers the ability to sharpen any length of blade for little more than a Bradley costs, its tempting. The problem is that there is literally no information on this unit. Lots of info on the larger Oregons, RBGs, Magna-Matic, etc. but it seems that I am the first LCO to post a review.

    I decided on this unit because it offers the ability to sharpen any blade length, while the Bradley and many others are limited to 6 inches. It was also within my budget. To get the additional 2-3" on the Gator G6, I would have to buy an RBG unit for twice the price.

    My initial impressions are good. It does not vibrate much at all. Its relatively quiet as well and starts smoothly. I set the angle to the factory bevel and it was pretty easy to set up. When I sharpened my first blade, it took about a minute or two to get the hang of it, applying even pressure as the blade moves accross.

    It took approximately 1-2 minutes to sharpen the first blade. I was sharpening mulching blade with 0.20 inch thick steel. The motor seemed to bog down slightly if I applied to much pressure on the blade, but when I kept the pressure steady, it was fine and made pretty quick work of it. The blade I had was in pretty decent shape as it was, so I wasn't shaping steel. I sharpened four more blades before I called it a night. So far, I am very pleased.

    I should note that when I wrote Oregon about this unit and sharpening the thicker commercial blades, they wrote back telling me that the unit would bog down under the thicker blades and told me to buy one of their $1000 units. It actually handles the larger blades just fine for me without putting to much strain on the motor.

    BOTTOM LINE: These are just my first impressions, but I would definitely recommend this to part time LCOs or start ups who cannot afford to spend $600 plus on a larger grinder for now. This unit has plenty of power and offers the ability to sharpen any length of blade. It may not be as fast as the RBG or Magna-Matic, but its also less than half as much.

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