Review: tanaka's quiet line.

Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by TClawn, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. TClawn

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    I must say that I am impressed with th quiet line. not only does it let me listen to my peltors better when string trimming, it seems to slice through the grass, instead of tearing it.

    I was a bit skeptical of how strong the line would be at first, but it has just as much durability as the echo crossfire line that I was using.

    the only thing that I didn't like, was that my trimmer blew out more smoke when I used the quiet line, but it could have been the tank of gas I was using.

    overall: great product!
  2. Tanaka

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    Here's a clip of the Quiet Line on a TBC-250PF.


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  3. twins_lawn_care

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    Hi there Mark,

    I finally got around to using the quiet line sample you sent me after the Mid-Am show, and must say I am impressed. I did not think that the noise coming from the line itself ever made a difference to me, until using your new line. I was amazed at how much it cut down on the noise. The best way to describe it, is that I heard the engine on my trimmer, and nothing else. With a normal line, I always heard just a blurry mix of both the line and the engine. Through the hearing protection I usually use, it made using the trimmer much more comfortable noise wise. I edged approximately 100 feet of sidewalk both sides with barely having to tap the line feeder, which said a lot for the durability of the line.
    The only thing I had some trouble with was with loading, the .095 quiet line just barely fit into the holes to start wrapping the line, but once in, they hed tight, which may be a great bi-product. Those openings can always be drilled out, but I think I will keep them snug as they are.

    Overall, I would say I will be buying this product for use in the future. The time and hassle it will save on me not having to stop and re-spool mid-jobs is well worth the difference in price from a subordinate line.

    Again, thanks for the sample, and good job on the product!

    TWINS Lawn Care
  4. The C Man

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    Funny, I was just about to post on this too, as I used my sample for the first time yesterday. I honestly didn't notice a difference in sound, I didn't even remember that it was called 'Quiet Line.' The sound I heard when running it was the same as with the other line - 90% engine and 10% whistling. I have an Edgit on my trimmer though, not sure what difference that makes. I did notice that the line was quite durable, hardly any wear on it at all after using it.

    One question Mark - is the line only available in black?
  5. Tanaka

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    Yes, only available in black, line diameter sizes include .095", .105", and .130"

  6. DLCS

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    How does Tanka's Quiet Line differ from ordinary line like the Crossfire? How does it compare in price to Echo's Crossfire?
  7. Tanaka

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    Crossfire line is categorized as a triple-6 (what we would refer to as a mid range product).

    In comparison, Tanaka Quiet Line has the following advantages:

    1. better resin - lasts longer
    2. 1/2 the noise
    3. no flutter
    4. much less split and fray
    5. and most important...much slicker aerodynamically, meaning higher RPM and more impact power.

    As far as pricing goes, a 52 strand tube of .095" quiet line (16" strands) retails for $5.49. By comparison, a 50 strand tube of 8" .095" Crossfire strands retails for $6.39

  8. naturescape

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    How does it compare with Sufix line? I'm guessing it's made for Tanaka by Sufix but I don't KNOW that........

    Right now I use Sufix .95 Twisted line -- incredible. Quiet and sharp cut.
  9. naturescape

    naturescape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    ..........well? Is the Tanaka line made by Sufix? You there Mark?
    :sleeping: LOL
  10. Tanaka

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    Suffix Megatwist vs. Tanaka Quiet Line


    MASS DRAMATICALLY UNDERSIZED MASS vs. Full mass - same as round

    drag no advantage over round vs. aerodynamically slicker

    resin Commodity copolymer vs. proprietary design

    split-fray good, but still present vs.almost none at all

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