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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Vikings, May 9, 2007.

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    I have a '96 Ford Ranger 6 cyl. and I've had quite a bit of work done on it since I bought it last fall and have put very few miles on it.

    I just had performance check done and they replaced the spark plugs and recommend I clean the fuel thing and the mass air flow (whatever that is).

    I pointed out that they cleaned the fuel thing last time it was in (they have a big sign there at Canadian Tire, No Extra or Unauthorized work done" lol) when I pointed that out they told me they always recommend that or something. I didn't have it done.

    Now, after only about 50 kilometres (I barely use the truck, I prefer my Sierra) I went to get coffee and the engine clicks then revs up a bit. Slowly revs down, then clicks and revs up again... It revs up about 4,000 rpms if that gauge is any accurate. Could this be related to the work they already did or something new?
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    If you only had the plugs replaced then no, that wont affect it. Is that all the work you had done? I don't know how ford was set up around that year, but that issue sounds like its probly in the fuel system, and could be something related to what they did if they did clean the fuel system. When the engine clicks do you notice that the rpms seem very low? Sounds to me like the engine is trying to stall and the computer is compensating by dumping fuel to get the rpm's back up. I was a mechanic but without seeing it for myself its hard to say (worked on jeeps and chryslers so don't have any knowledge how ford is set up).
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    I would look for a disconnected vac line. Probably left off or knocked off when they replaced the plugs.

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