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    This is a revised version of the contract i posted a few days ago on the starting a business forum. Tell me what you think

    Landscape Maintenance Agreement

    Name: ________________________________________
    Date: ________________

    Address: ______________________________________
    Phone: ________________

    1. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Jernigan Lawn Care & Landscaping (hereinafter called “Contractor”) will provide landscape maintenance service for Customer at the above address.

    2. Contractor agrees to perform the following services as outlined in the Landscape Maintenance Plans listed below. Service under this agreement will be provided each (Week).

    Service Provided Each (Week):
    Contractor will clear property of trash and other debris. Contractor will check all (shrubs and other plantings) on property for health and needed maintenance. All (bushes, shrubs, and trees) needing trimming will be done by contractor in an appropriate manner according to plant type, as well as dispose of all clippings. Contractor will clean flowerbeds of existing weeds and any other foreign debris. Contractor will mow entire property at an appropriate height according to turf type, as well as cutting patterns in lawn or keeping existing ones according to Customers wishes. Contractor will (trim) around all objects on property and at an appropriate height according to turf type. Edging will be provided for all walkways, curbs, flowerbeds etc.. Contractor offers (beveled edging) or (straight edging) which will be provided according to turf type as well as Customers wishes. Contractor will blow off all clippings and other debris from walkways, flowerbeds, driveways, parking lot, and all streets which surround property. The services listed above will be provided by Contractor each week and in the order listed. Contractor will provide service on the same day each week as specified by Customer, even in the event of rain or other bad weather except in hazardous conditions that may danger Contractor. In the event of Inclement Weather, Contractor (Promises) to providing service that (week), even if it is on a different day than he is used to.

    Service Provided Each (Year):
    Contractor will supply and install mulch of the appropriate kind (once-a-year) unless agreed upon by both Customer and Contractor to do more or less. Contractor will install mulch to all existing flowerbeds and other areas on property. Contractor also offers as a (once-a-year) service:  Aerating  Fertilizing  Seeding
    All fertilizer and seed will be of the appropriate kind according to existing turf and Customers wishes. Aerating will be done in an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time to promote healthy turf. All cores that are pulled from turf will be removed and disposed of. Customer shall check all (once-a-year) services listed above that he/she wants provided. All the work involved with (once-a-year) services will be provided by Contractor as part of the contract with (no extra fee) to Customer. However price of all materials for these services such as mulch, fertilizer, seed and any other items that must be purchased by Contractor in order to provide them will be billed to Customer. Contractor will at no time purchase or provide these services without consulting Customer first.

    3. Contractor is (Fully Insured). In the event that Contractor causes damage to Customers property then Contractor will promptly notify his insurance company and provide Customer with all appropriate information.
    4. Customer agrees to promptly notify Contractor of any dissatisfaction with work or breach of contract. Contractor will do his best to fix this grievance promptly and in a professional manner. If Customer is still not satisfied with Contractors services then he/she may terminate the Contract within 15 days of notice to Contractor.

    5. Contractor will bill Customer each week for the services provided. Customer shall pay Contractor at the rate of $ ___________ per Week for the service herein agreed to be performed as (weekly service). Once-a-year services will be billed to Customer as they are performed and may be added (combined) with weekly service bill on the week that they are done. Payment shall be made within (5) days of services being performed.

    6. The terms of this Agreement shall commence on _______________ and shall continue in full force until _______________ .

    7. Contractor Guarantees that it will perform its service in a Professional manner. Should Customer’s plantings be damaged by and/or failure of Contractor to fulfill its obligation under this Agreement, Contractor shall repair or replace such damaged plantings. Contractor shall not be liable for any damage to plantings or property due to inclement weather, or other uncontrollable situations.

    8. This Agreement is a Binding Contract that shall be governed by the laws of North Carolina.

    Jernigan Lawn Care & Landscaping Customer

    _____________________________ ______________________________________
    Contractor’s Name: Customer’s Name:
    Start Date: _________________ End Date: ____________________
  2. Raymond S.

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    you remove the plugs after aerating? How large of a property does that pertain to and how do you remove the plugs?...or should I say why.
  3. chris@perfectlawncare

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    Plugs are supposed to keep the nutrients in the ground... why would you remove them?

    or if you're removing them from the sidewalks, etc. I'd specify...
  4. Raymond S.

    Raymond S. LawnSite Senior Member
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    that's why I was asking...I have heard of people removing them because clients don't like the "turds". I just haven't ran across any yet that I had to discourage from that idea.
  5. jeffscap

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    Wow, Im sure that will work some where. Pertaining to the contract.
  6. Hare'sLawn&Leaf

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    on 4. the cancellation part you should have 15 days written notice.
  7. unkownfl

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    certified written notice. Also you should have payment instructions where and how and when.
  8. unkownfl

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    licensed for fert?
  9. ALC-GregH

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    from PA
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    don't need to be licensed to apply fert, just cides.
  10. chris@perfectlawncare

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