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Revising a Bid


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Well, I have thought about this many times before, and this is one of the reasons that I turn down a lot of industrial bids. It is tailored too much around their needs and the things that they ask or don't ask is horrible.

For example, I received an invitation for a bid today in the mail. There were a couple of things that kind of threw me off. First of all, they only wanted 1 fall clean up. Second of all, they only wanted the landscaping beds weeded and shrubs pruned twice a year, only 2 lawn fertilizations, all clippings are to be bagged, trees pruned in June (????), the fall clean up can not take place until 90% of the leaves have fallen, and they want umbrella insurance as well.

I would like to submit a revised bid sheet to them and tell them what they want and what they need. Because I feel that by doing their way it will affect my image.

What do you guys think
1. Revise it?
2. Just go for it like it is?
3. Don't submit a bid or a revised bid?


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boise idaho
Call them up and tell them your concernes. If that is all they want just send them a letter stating that you will not provide that poor of service because in will reflect poorly on your image. Maybe they just want you to bid it low so they can tell someone else they are charging too much??