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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by LawnSolutionsCP, Dec 9, 2006.

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    Below is a link show the Turf Revitalizer on hills seeding and dethatching with the small 6-hp model.

    The video is high quality and 22 mb is size. You might want need to right click and then save to your computer before playing.
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    To answer a few questions:
    1. The 3rd video clip shows the 8.5 hp model in action.
    2. The belt covers have been removed for the field test to monitor belt wear (or lack of) through out the testing. We recommend keeping the belt covers in place as designed.
    3. The cutter belt is designed so you can change it without tools once the belt cover is removed in under 30 seconds. The cutter belts is also a standard off the shelf item.
    4. The belts last longer because they are not bent backward like on other units. Bending belts backward leads to excessive belt wear and heat buildup.
    5. The cutters are raised and lowered by them selves. There is no articulating in the frame.

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    i like the pic of the lesco renovator handle in the last clip lol
    they look like they r easy to maneuver around things and look like they move quick?
    did u do some side to side seeding against the other machines available? and do u have pics?
    would love to see them.
    thanks dusty.
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    The handles were not supposed to be in the video. All of the field test participants were selected because they were $5MM (annual) or larger lawn care companies and die hard uses of that machine, but....not any more.

    No, we won't be showing side by side of our competitors, but we will just show what our units can do.

    These units are quick and very agile. Up to 3 mph fully hydrostatic. We have videos of them traversing 45 degree slopes without wrestling the unit.

    We have a 30% lower center of gravity over any other self propelled unit on the market giving it unmatched performance on hills.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    sounds good
    do u have any of the grown in pics of the seed?
    do have a cover for the seed hopper to keep the rain out?
    will your machine climb ramps to get into the back of a pickup truck?
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    I'll post some pictures of several finished seed jobs.

    We have a clear cover (accessory). The original design was a steel plate that forms to the contour of the hopper, but we are tooling up a clear plastic cover which is lighter and allows the operator to see into the hopper at all time. The cover is designed to keep seed dry when seeding during light rain, but also keeps seed from blowing out of the hopper when transporting the unit. After using the unit without a cover, most companies didn't want one, but insisted if there was one that it should be clear.

    Our unit will climb ramps into the back of a pickup easily and safely. Since the hydro drive is closed loop instead of open loop like our competitors, the drive is solid, variable, efficient, and does not creep or slip (run-away) when going up or down hills.

    When we demo the units or setup dealers, we don't use ramps.... We just lift it out of the truck and set it on the ground. Blows people away that you can actually lift the unit easily with 2 people.
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    I would like more inf on these, do you have web site? Ifso, please send me something at
    Thanks, Jay:cool2:
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    Our website is: www.LawnSolutionsCP.Com or just click our logo on this site at the top of this page or under sponsors.

    On our website, check our dealer locator for a dealer in Indy. We have several very good dealers in Indy.

    If you emai us your address, we can mail our a product DVD with more information.



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