Revitalizing Turf Around Lake

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowin28, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I maintain a two acre property that is along a lake. The property is in a rather heavily wooded area. I am trying to sell a turf revitalization program to the property owner. My main problem is that some of the homeowners around the lake drink the water, and are very catious about using chemicals, etc. I have tried several times to use fertilzer but they always say no. First off, any suggestions for ideas to convince them to let me use fertilzer etc?(very little runoff etc?) My next question is if i cannot fertilize I highly doubt i will ever get a very good grass stand in a wooded area where all the leaves etc, suck the nitrogen out of the soil. Therefore is it worth it to try aerate, overseed etc, if i cannot use fertilizer? Will i have a poor stand that the customer is upset about without fertilzer? Lastly I am wondering what kind of organic products are out there for a situation like this. I know nothing is as effective as fertilizer but i am just checking out my options. Sorry for the long winded post but i really need some help with this one. Thanks

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