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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowin28, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I currently maintain a 2 acre property around a lake. I am trying to sell a turf revitaliztion program to the owner that would include aerating, overseeding and fertilizing. The problem is that there are several other families that actually drink that water out of the lake(rural area). They are very cautious about using chemicals etc around the lake. First any suggestions on how convincing them to let me use fertilzer? I have already convinced the actual owner but some others disagree. Secondly if i cannot use fertilizer is it even worth aerating and overseeding in a rather heavily wooded area. With all the foliage that falls and uses the nitrogen, not much is left for the grass which really is the main reason the grass is so poor right now. If i am going to have a poor grass stand that the home-owner isnt happy with than id rather not do anything. And lastly, what kind of organic products could i use instead of fertilzer. I know nothing is going to be as cheap or effective as fertilzer but i am just looking at my options. Thanks~
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    People drink out of this lake? I wouldn't use any chemicals. Organic fert is essentially the same thing as manufactured fert. Molecule is a molecule is a molecule and all that. Actually, manufactured, slow release fert would be far more safe because of the controlled release of N. Organic is just going to dump all the N at once - what the grass and other plants can't use is going to leach and run-off. I'd rennovate what you can, no use of chems, mulch all the time and let nature take it's course.
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    It would be in your best interest to check with local authorities (Dept. of Env. Services) to see what is allowed in your area, within X feet of the water. Likely, not much within 100'. Release of N can encourage algae growth.
    If you can't fert, I would think you would want to do something like aerate and overseed MORE frequently. :confused: and mulch, like dkeisala said.

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