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Revolutionary new way to trim bushes...

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Just got this in my email today and thought I'd share. Any one practice this method? What do you charge for this type of service?... ;)

Sky Plant Tire Wheel Vehicle
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:):):):) When I read the title of the thread, I thought "oh what now? some ying-yang is using some new power tool to mangle nice shrubs that ought to be hand-pruned."
I never imagined what I saw when I opened it. Very ingenious.
I really hope that is real, I honestly do. Please don't dash my dreams by telling me photoshop was involved
I noticed that the lower part of the hedge had been trimmed on the sides and up about as far you could reach. I supposed this is how you finish the top. It may not be photoshopped but it could have been set up just for fun. Who knows? Lots of weird guys in landscaping.
And how far away is he from those power lines?
Very observant, Tyler. I think that's a pretty good indication this is photoshopped. I notice it looks like the boom is behind the power lines with the mower hanging in front of them? Funny just the same.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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