Revolver vs. Round-Up

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by turf4kansas, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Our bermuda soccer field only gets used August-Oct and then nothing else uses it the rest of the year besides the maintenance crew. In the past we have used glysophate to remove rye before spring green up.

    My chemical distributor swears by Revolver as I know many in the industry do. However, most people that swear by it are enduring fall and spring sports making their way across the field. Since Revolver is a slower transitional herbicide it works well for maintaining green throughout use, but since color and use aren't of any matter to me I'm curious if the efficacy of Revolver trumps glysophate for removing rye.

    Anybody had success with one and struggles with another?
  2. HobieDude

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    Why are you overseeding with rye to begin with? Does your bermuda go dormant and turn brown before the end of October?
  3. turf4kansas

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    Yeah, it starts to lose quite a bit of color around Oct 1 and our homecoming game is always the middle of the October. Also, we never know if we'll end up hosting some post season play into November if the team is doing well.

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