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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Sep 14, 2007.

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    I'm usually kind of handy and can fix most things however once in awhile I need a rewind button. I had a weed trimming job to do so I got my older Stihl with the blade on it from the back shed. Any one who has seen my picture thread knows I keep my shop spotless. I haven't used this trmmer in 3 or 4 years so it was pretty dirty and of course the fuel in it was pretty much varnish. So a couple of good squirts of ether later it is running kind of ( on the ether) but won't stay running. I am in a hurry so after I dump the little bit of varnish onto the cement floor and refill it with good gas I take it to my garage. Pull the breather cover off and the inner foam falls apart in my hand. Not really a good sign but I am persistant. I use my air compressor (160 lbs) to blow the dirt and dust off it. It will run (on ether) but still won't stay running so I get a bright idea just as my wife walks into the garage wearing her nightgown, it is getting kind of late at night. I'm thinking I'll just stick the air nozzle in the tank and give it a quick blast to get the gas flowing. I put the nozzle in the almost right full tank cover it with an old towel squeeze tight and give it a little blast. 160 lbs of compressed air blows the towel out of my hand,blows the 100 gallons (okay it seemed like a lot) of gas all over the garage, oh yeah and all over my wife in her nightgown. And all over me, that was about the moment that I was thinking " hey maybe this ain't such a good idea". She was actually kind of reasonable about the whole thing she even went and got oil sorb to cover the gas with. And to make matters worse it blew the gas tank apart at the bottom. Now I have to fix the tank before I can get the trimmer running right. I don't think my wife is going to help me fix it next time. Good thing it was a backup trimmer. Maybe 20 lbs would have been enough?
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    Too funny!!! I have done similar.

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