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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hertelbr, Dec 14, 2001.

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    Just got my '97 3500 HD dump back from the shop had the hole box rhino-lined inside and out even the salt spreader (hydraulic tailgate Hiniker) Has anyone done this? And, if so, how has it held up. The body shop recommended it, they said it would cost just as much to paint it and probably would not last as long as the rubberized liner. It looks great and seems like it will curve the appetite of all of the salt we use up here in Michigan. FYI cost was $ 1300 including the sandblasting.

  2. Highpoint

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    You lined your dump truck bed with rubber???? :confused:
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    Smart choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With your tailgate sander will help with rot on seams and where paint fell off. For those guys doing what your doing (sanding) in 2 years there seams will rot and all the air pockets in weld! We trade in every 3 years but if we were going long term we would go the way you did (the smart way!)
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    I built a custom trailer this summer that the back 10 feet of the bed dumps. I'm gonna post pics one of these days. The floor and sides are the same stuff. Virgin plastic - 1.4 inch thick. It works great.
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    Did it myself. My local car paint store sold me 2 quart kits and a special spray gun (gun cost $18.00??). The direction did not call for sand blast or heavy prep work. I did it 6 month ago and it is holding. Looks just like high price spread. I think the 2 quart kits were $ 27 a piece. The old pinto really shines now.
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    The sandblasting was needed because of the four years of salting we have done with it. It was starting to peel and blister, bought another new dump this fall if this works well with this one we will do the same to the new one. I guess they have some primer that etches into the paint, It will be interesting to see how the salt slides in the box. I may check into a do-it-yourself kit next time. Don't shine that Pinto up to much you don't want to draw attention to yourself living under that bridge.
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    Thanks for the website link to the super-slide, I may just do that if the salt and dirt stick to the bed. Much appreciated.

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    i put the spray in bedliner material in my dump trailer. i feared things may not slide out as well, but it has held up extremely well, and stuff slides out just fine

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