Rich guy looking for a low baller

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CTmower, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. CTmower

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    Went out today to quote a property for mowing... Estimated it was about 3/4 acre give or take a little bit, would take me roughly 1/2 hours to mow, wack, and blow.. Its a new neighborhood for me and all the houses are worth $500,000+ so i figured i'd give this guy a nice low price hoping to get a few more in the neighborhood. I quoted him at $45, then he asks me how much for biweekly cutting and i said because its gonna take me twice as long because of the height of grass i say $60 which would normally be my price for weekly cutting. Then he asks me about bagging which again raises the price but i told him none of my customers bag there lawn, my mower doesnt leave any clumps and mulches nicely. He comes back with the classic "ok well im waiting for a few more phone calls on prices, ill get back to you".... Im gonna laugh when someone bids $35 for that lawn and realizes he's losing money after his first cut!!!
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    what a dik haha who cares theres alot more fish in the sea, be glad you aint working for him!!!!!!! People just dont realize what it costs to run a business no more. And yes someone will def be losing money on this one when they cut it! Lemme guess a range rover in the drive way but he was hunting for prices.......
  3. CTmower

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    the property needed a lot more then just mowing too and thats why i figured i'd go low on the mowing in hopes of getting a mulch job and some pruning on the property as well... Grass has just begun to grow in CT and yet his yard was already about 5-6 inches tall... No Land Rover in the driveway, but there was a BMW :)
  4. DiGiTLawncare

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    I went to a $350,000 price range neighbor hood last year. Guy has a $200 budget for mulch this year. 11 yards. (Weeds throughout all the beds) I told him best of luck but that I could not pay him to mulch his house.
  5. nosparkplugs

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    F/him, What an a-hole, my experice this season is: I am getting a-lot of phone calls requesting estimances for "grass cutting", thats a red flag, right their for me.
  6. Juan_Deere

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    A few things to consider:

    1. Many rich people are rich because they shop around and don't buy things on impulse.

    2. Many "rich" people aren't rich. They just have a lot of debt and therefore, a lot of payments. So they have to shop around for the best deal.

    3. If you don't have excellent sales skills, the other guy is always going to get the job. Even if you charge less.

    4. Someone is almost always willing to do it for less than you are. It is the way of the world. But that doesn't mean they aren't going to make money. They may not make as much money as you, but what makes you think they need as much money as you?
  7. j05h22

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    I've quoted several people say $40. They'll say "lemme call you back I have a guy who says he'll do it for $35" I say ok call me back if you need my services. Obviously disappointed I didnt go to $30 they call me two days later wondering when I can come out LOL:weightlifter:
  8. lawnwizards

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    whats wrong with the guy getting the best price for his lawn? maybe he didnt have a good vibe with you and wanted to find the "right" lawnguy for his house. do you always go with the first estimate that you receive? its a sell job and apparently you didnt sell good enough.
  9. shovelracer

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    They are everywhere, I have a customer that lives in a million dollar home. Second home at a northern ski resort, 4 daily driver cars, $160000 porsche, and dresses very well. Cant pay me the 1K he owed me since last year so we had to lien the house.

    I went on another estimate last year to a 2 million dollar estate. Lady was 24 married to a business man. 3/4 acre lot in back, 500 ft driveway with grass on both sides, 1/4 acre at the street, 100' x 20' weedwhack hill. Wanted a lawn price and repair. I tell her $120 per week and she kicks me off the property, but only after she tells me Im wrong about the 100's of brown spots on her lawn. Her dog couldnt do that cause his waste is fertilizer. Her last words were "the last guy did it for $50". Its a shame he still wasnt around.

    Most recently 1.5 mill estate. Lady wants full tilt service, I give her a price she says she is going to speak with a few other people about it. I tell her she needs to get back to me by the end of that week. She calls a month later demanding I start the following day. I tell her she is too late and I can only service her in the beginning of the week and no sooner than the following week. She gets mad and hangs up on me. I hear from the neighbor that now she is bad mouthing my company, and saying we have poor business practices. Funny, cause my client has been very happy for the last 5 years.

    I will say we service everything from poor single working moms to spoiled stay at home estate owners. By far the worst to deal with are the latter. Seems that once you cross the 1 million mark on your house you need to act different. Im cool with most of the 7-900K crowd. Likewise once you get over 4-5 mill they get cool again.
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    $45 is to cheap, I would have priced it like you normally would have.

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