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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BerksLawn, Feb 16, 2001.

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    As far as I know, there is only one Lawnsite Member that owns one. Davis TLC has one, but he doesn't use if for mowing anymore. I know he tried to sell it, but didn't find any buyers. From what he said, the concept is good, but he had lots of problems with it. I will try to get him to answer your post here.
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    There is a co. in the area that I work and I see him 2 days a week, everytimwe I see him he is working on one of the rich mowers,he has two of them,when I drive by he looks up,waves and shakes his head,says something. I don`t know what he is saying but he don`t look very happy.He has two of them and a bunton wb the bunton is doing the cutting.
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  5. Hey BerksLawn,

    I have a 96 model Rich 2061. I currently don't use the mower in my daily operation. It seems to be a good concept, I just think they could do something different on the hydro's. I had problems with the belt for the hydros, seemed that the smallest bump caused the belt to come off. The first few belts self destructed, Rich finally replaced the belt with a Goodyear belt which is still on the mower. I had problems with the frame cracking at welds for the caster wheels on the front. They have since added some re-inforcement to this area. The mower I bought was a demo, which was covered with a full warranty. The problem I had was dealers for them coming and going because of poor distributors. I had a couple of problems with the Kohler 20hp engine after the warranty ran out. Replaced the electric pto clutch once when it broke the brace that held it stationary under the engine. It is a pain to work on, not much room to get to the hydros to get the belt back on or to work on the engine.

    IMO I would not waste my money on another one.

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    i have only seen one here and it was getting work on.
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    I have seen them in the trade mag but not up close. Thanks for the information about them. I think I will stay with ther red or orange mowers.
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    I have two Convertible mowers. A 52" purchased in May 1996 and a 48" purchased in October 2000. The 52" has over 2600 hours on it and is still in use. I replaced the engine last season and have original hydro pumps and motors, caster struts, most of the pulleys, same deck. Only one problem with a hydro and that was my fault. I was mowing a hay field and got a strand of grass wound into an o-ring which then leaked. The belt problem mentioned in an earlier post sounds like a misaligned pulley or a worn belt. I threw a belt twice in one day last fall and realized the belt was shot. No problem since then. I keep all working parts lubricated and have covers for the mowers to keep some of the rain and snow off them during transport. The mowers are easy to use. My wife and son help me occasionally and have no problems operating them. I was suprised at how easily my then middle school son could maneuver the Convertible around trees and houses. Of course he had to mow the home lawn (small) with the Convertible--just couldn't use a 21" mower. Haven't had any problems with the 48". Having used belt driven walk behinds for years, the hydros are great. My arms don't ache at the end of the day. I also like being able to get under low branches and mow in soft areas without tracking up lawns. The mowers are much easier to get out of mud when you miscalculate how much rain came down last night. Find a reliable dealer to work with. I don't think you will be disappointed with the unit.
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    If you are still out there???? Do you still like the convertible mower??


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