Richard Petty’s New Ride – Hustler Super Z

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    For immediate release.

    Richard Petty’s New Ride – Hustler Super Z
    Hustler Teams with Petty Racing and Victory Junction Gang Camp

    Hesston, KS – NASCAR legend Richard Petty has a new ride, a 52” Hustler Super Z with a 9-bushel BAC-VAC collector. Actually, he has five of them, one for his home and four others (two 60” Super Zs with BAC-VACs, a 52” FasTrak, and another 52” Super Z with BAC-VAC) for the 57-acre grounds of Petty Enterprises.

    According to Johnny Clines, operations manager for Petty Enterprises, Richard Petty is extremely particular about the upkeep of the grounds. “The look of Petty Enterprises is very important to Richard,” said Clines. “He wants visitors to feel like they’re coming to the White House or the Biltmore Estate (the Asheville, NC, attraction renowned for its manicured gardens). We needed mowers that were fast and dependable. We had always heard that Hustlers were the best.”

    The mowers were delivered to Petty Enterprises on May 14 and were an immediate hit with the Petty crew. The mechanics and shop crew, who build, tweak and modify high performance racecars every day, gathered around to inspect the hydraulic systems, check out the steering and play with the mowers.

    “I like it,” said Chad Cecil, maintenance supervisor, about the Super Z. “It’s smooth, got great feel and balance, and, best of all, it’s fast. That means I don’t have to spend all day mowing and can get back to work in the shop.”

    As part of the agreement with Petty Enterprises, Hustler Turf Equipment is now the official supplier of grounds maintenance equipment to the race team. Richard and Kyle Petty will be featured in Hustler advertising and at Hustler trade shows during the year.

    “This is a tremendous endorsement for us,” said Larry Holman, eastern regional sales manager for Hustler. “Even if you are not a racing or NASCAR fan, you know who Richard Petty is. This will introduce a huge audience to Hustler mowers.”

    Hustler has also donated the use of several mowers to help Victory Junction Gang meet their stringent mowing requirements. On May 14, Hustler presented the camp with two 37” Hydro WalkBehinds, two 60” Super Zs, a 52” Super Z and an ATZ all-terrain mower capable of handling 25-degree slopes.

    “These mowers are wonderful,” said Jim Pauley, facility director for Victory Junction Gang. “Many of our campers have immune disorders, asthma or other conditions that might make them sensitive to dust or grass pollens. There simply cannot be any of that in the air. That’s why we mow when the campers aren’t here.” Each group of campers leaves on a Friday afternoon. The next group arrives on a Sunday morning. “We have 24 hours to turn the camp around,” said Pauley. “The speed of the Hustler mowers is critical to our being able to do that.” Pauley also praised the BAC-VAC catchers on the Super Zs. “Every grassy area has to be short, even and vacuumed. That’s extremely important to us and to the health of our campers.”

    Excel Industries, Inc., formerly Hesston Industries, Inc., was formed in January 1960. The first zero-degree-turn lawnmower was introduced in 1964. Named the “Hustler”, the first model was a 36” homeowner model. It featured lever steering and counter-rotating drive wheels for the ultimate in maneuverability. In the 40 years since, Hustler has become synonymous with durable, productive, innovative turf care equipment for industrial, commercial, and homeowner applications.

    trailer-car together1824.jpg
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    Sorry for the size of the above picture.
    Here is another.

    petty crew1726.jpg
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    Make you a deal.

    You give me a 60'' 25hp (or close to that) ZTR and i will endorse your mowers all day for years, and if you give me a w.b i will renounce my Dixie. Deal?.:cool:
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    wow what a garage... id live in there
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    impressive, very nice. nice trailer, nice shop, its all nice lol
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    I wish I had a shop / garage half of what they show in the picture above...... lol... lol....

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    that is nice. I will take that one, and that one, and ........

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