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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rhalverson, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. rhalverson

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    I quit the car biz after 25 years and started cutting grass. Best move I ever made.

    Now I'm finishing up my first full year and it's gone well. I want to expand, but in a manageable way, so I've decided to add the fastest lawn tractor I can find.
    I have a Z now and am in need of a puller/mower, but I also need for it to fit in my pickup bed (50" wide.) I don't need plow attachments or any other fancy stuff. Of course, reliability is key.
    I've heard Cub Cadet 2544 is a fast tractor. Any advice on this piece of equipment or any other that can gobble up turf and still fit in my pickup?
  2. Lawnut101

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    Do you have a trailer? John Deere's 325 or 345 series are nice. Also the Simplicity Legacy is a beast, but will probably be too big for your truck. If I were you, I would get a trailer. It would be a good purchase.
  3. rhalverson

    rhalverson LawnSite Member
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    Hey Lawnut,
    Yeah I have a trailer, but it's got my Z on it and blowers, etc. Now I want to add a tractor so an employee can work with me but I don't want to get another trailer yet. That's why a fast tractor would suit me perfect. I've been looking at the Deere lineup and looked at the 300 series, thinking that was the right one but the guy at the Deere dealership said that their cutting speed is only 3 to 4 mph. I saw online where it was 7 mph so I'm thinkin' this guy's not really aware.
    I need to be able to eat up as much turf as I can with a machine that can fit in my bed (truck bed, that is,) so if this Deere can cut at 7 or so it would be my first choice. In your experience, can it go that fast? Or at least close?
  4. daveintoledo

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    get a bigger trailor and another commercial z
  5. Lawnut101

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    Hey, I think that that salesman is talking about a new x300 series, which is a different one than I am talking about. They don't make the ones that I'm talking about anymore. You can only find them used. If I were you, I would strongly consider getting a bigger trailer, and another Z, or maybe even a walkbehind, if that would fit on your trailer. Another Z would be the most productive. How many, and what size lawns are you mowing? Garden tractors are nice, but if your mowing smaller lawns, they can be a hassle to turn around with.

    As for my experience, every newer John Deere that I've owned has been able to cut at full speed, which is at least 5 mph. They leave a really nice cut too. I have an LX176, and it's really nice as a backup mower when my walkbehind is in the shop or something. Anything else?

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