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Riddle me this, Batman...

grandview (2006)

LawnSite Gold Member
Lancaster N.Y.
Why do landscape companies go out and do all these mulch jobs one day and the next day they come back to cut the grass for the first time. Today I saw 2 commercial being mulched in the morning and in the afternoon they're back cutting it blowing grass clipping all over the beds. :hammerhead: I usually blame the boss for poor scheduling. Plus the employees really don't care. If I owned these businesses I wouldn't pay until it was fixed. Also it's not like the grass is only 2 inches high in both cases it was about 4-5 inches because of all the rain we had and you can't even see the new mulch. Oh well, just a small rant.:)


LawnSite Silver Member
Sometimes I do mulch installs in the morning and then mow in the afternoon, and occasionally I will mulch a property in the morning and then have to come back later in the day to mow. There just isn't enough room to carry both mulch and mowers in one load. It isn't uncommon. Although, I don't blow clippings into flower beds if I can help it.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sounds like a good time to make a sales call! :waving:

gammon landscaping

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east tennessee
maybe the day they mulch it is to wet to mow, then the next day when it drys up the mow??? i don't mow but this would make since to me


Former Moderator
I guess it depends on what the access is to the beds, how much wheelbarrowing has to be done, how flat the grass gets from working on the beds. we prefer to mulch beds, then cut. no need for grass to get in the beds, but i could see with careless employees how it would happen.