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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Aug 25, 2003.

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    This is part of my lawn in the backyard. The right side that looks as if it is dying is actually new grass, planted about 3 months ago. It established easily and is a premium blend of seed. I have not fertilized or sprayed any of the lawn yet. The part on the left is established lawn of many years. Why is there so much rust in my new lawn? It seems to be in many lawns this year. I know it is from low N but we have never had it this bad in the 8 years I have done this for money. We have had a ton of rain here in August so there is no brown out or dormant turf. As a matter of fact, many of my lawns can be mowed every 4 or 5 days, we never got the dormant season. So if I add some N will she go away? I just dont have much experience with rust. Thanks

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    key words you haven't hit it with any fert. yet. rust is very common around my area right now ( every lawn has it ) hit it with some slow release nitrogen and water it in the morning. that will grow the disease out. rush is just a disease that causes the turf to be an eye sore unless it goes untreated and condition allow it to trive. yes the last 5 yards we seeded in late june early july all have rust but are starting to recover.
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    for immediate action spray it with a fungicide

    also make sure to mow often and bag the clippings.
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    Let us know how you solved your problem. Others can learn from it.
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    After an application of 28-3-10 w 20%SCU Micros and 1%Iron and a sprayed on application of Ferromec, I had great results.
    Within about 4 days visible signs of rust diminished and after 2 weeks you couldn't tell it was there.
    We had a drought period that seemed to make it come out and after the apps and a little water it turned back to green.
    No fungicides were used.
    That was slightly educational as I have never seen rust so bad.

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    Ed, i do the same thing you do, throw all the toys laying allover the back yard under the jungle gym.

    I have rusty knees. Mabe i'll rub a little Ferromec on um?;)

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