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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by uniquechev, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. uniquechev

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    ok i've been doing landscaping for the past 6 yrs and used almost every ride on out there but now that i've had my own company for the past two i've run into a stubble ! I would love to own walker mowers but the price is too much for me to afford right now so ... does anyone run cub cadet

    23 HP* Kohler® Courage®PRO V-Twin OHV Engine

    its in my price range but i don't know if i don't spend the top top dollar if it will bite me in the ass ??? or does that machine hold up doing residential and commercial . just don't know so if anyone has ideas for me i would greatly appreciate it !!! Thanks guys and i wish everyone best of luck with the upcoming season !!!!
  2. Lawn-Sharks

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    I started my business legal form the start and with all the cost of the biz draining my bank account i desided to go with a new resi model mower with a warrenty just to start out.Well the engine held up but the more hours i put on it the more problems i had and then the mower shop i bought it from found out what i was using it for and tried not to honor the warrenty..So i sold the resi model and made a few bucks and now own 2 Commericial ZTR and
    1 Commericial WB mower. I am happy with the choices i made to get where i am rite now. but if your looking for long gevity out of a resi mower i just dont think it worth the effort just find yourself a "good" used Commericial mower. You cand find one under $2,000 and it will out last any resi mower you would ever buy
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    If you need to run a Walker to collect grass then I'd have to say you will regret buying anything else. Like Lawnshark said, a residential mower just wont last and will give you problems. If your worried about forking over $10k for a Walker then maybe you should check into some of your local Walker dealers financing options. As long as you've got enough accounts to make that payment you should be OK. A good commercial mower like a Walker will make your job easier and your accounts look good. Good looking accounts always lead to more people wanting your services.:cool2:
  4. snowjeep

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    If you are talking about a tractor no I don't think it will last. I had 1 when I started but traded it in right away. A cub cadet enforcer 48" will run in the $4,000 range. A z-force may last a couple of years in the $3,000 range. These are both ztr's but I hope it helps. Also cub has 3yrs 0% interest for enforcer and up I think.

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