Ride on sidewalk edger


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Memphis TN
Well just when I thought a double barreled backpack blower was the end of all lawn inventions (I don't think that ever took off). But this idea is interesting. If it's quicker which I doubt it would be. But definitely a fatigue saver on the big ones.


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I had the one that Grasshopper offered. It was not too big, worked great. One of my contracts was our city sewer plant. It was 25 acres, and all the tanks and structures were connected by sidewalks. When I took the contract, there was more than a foot of grass overgrown on each side of all sidewalks. That edger paid for itself in about a month. I think it was only about $1200.00 back in the old days.


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Is it spinning? Why does it look like there's air blowing onto it? This seems to make sense for someone who only edges a cart path once every 2 months. But who picks up the strand of sod left behind?