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Ride on spreader and sprayer

Which Ride on spreader sprayer and why ?

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LawnSite Fanatic
zsprays, they are the most veritile and capable. plus, could not ask for better product support!


LawnSite Fanatic
Didn't vote cuz all are good units. Each have their advantages. We prefer the T's cuz they bridge the gap between large units and small units. The T is the only unit we've tried that can climb a 45 degree hill, so this helps on difficult properties that are big, hilly, & difficult. It also has the same spread/spray capacity as large units, yet it fits in small props too. Nice versatility. Nuther feature is the carrier rack that my guys like. Lastly, our T3000 units had a total "breakdown" time last year of less than 2 hours per unit. Our 2nd choice would be Z-Sprays.


LawnSite Senior Member
my favorite has always been the permagreen. For smaller properties of course.