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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by TJLinc, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. TJLinc

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    I own both a L.T. Rich Z-Max and a Permagreen Magnum. I owned the PG first and had no intentions of owning 2 ride ons. I was forced to buy the Rich in an emergency because the PG just wouldn't run day in and day out. I am now getting close to ready to buy an additional Rich.

    But, the point of the post is, the PG. is everyone else's as big of a piece as mine is? When it was under warranty they tried to get out of every issue. Required me to spend literally hours on the phone, and were not helpful. Mine started giving us trouble at less than 100 hours. I am OCD when it comes to maintenance. It's basically a back up now. Still only has 382 hours on it. We are using it for lime right now, when it operates properly. Today for example the roll pin that holds the broadcaster in place came out of the shaft. It's never anything huge, but it seems like it is always something.

    My Rich on the other hand runs flawlessly every day. And anything that has ever gone wrong with it they have been extremely helpful and overnighted the parts on their dime. They have also given me spare parts, "just in case you ever need them."

    Input anyone?
  2. Raymond S.

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    Never owned a PG...never had a reason to. Always had a Z and everyone is EXTREMELY helpful when it comes time for repairs. I think the same people who argue that their PG will outperform and outlast a Z are the same guys plowing snow with a straight blade cause its what they've always done.

    BTW...Statesville is a great town. We spend a lot of time down there in the summers during race season.
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  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I run a Mag and agree that about once a season, something small is failing on the machine. But PG has always gotten me the parts in a timely manner....albeit with expensive shipping and $ high dollar part cost.

    My machine has 600+ hours and I would say overall has been pretty reliable. Perhaps you got a lemon?

    I do think there is still a market for articulating machines, esp on smaller yards with tighter areas where those big Z's cannot get into.
  4. djagusch

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    I don't know of a single lawn a z spray can't get into vs a pg unless its gate size and zsprays line has that covered also. It can turn tighter etc.

    There's a reason that mowers are zero turn compared to the pg pivot joint. Its faster, gets in tighter areas and just simply better.

    Pg was a good machine till zspray came along. Zsprays just simply are better/easier/reliable compared to all others. Anyone thinking otherwise hasn't owned one or so set in their ways/loyal that they are blind. Its that much better.
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  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Perhaps. Easier...not so sure. That is why I am looking into a GL machine as my next step from a Mag, vs a Z. Simplicity of design.
  6. TJLinc

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    I agree with your assessment of the spreaders. I do see where the PG has a place in SMALL yards.

    Send me a message when your in the area sometime, always like to talk shop with people in the industry. We def. are in NASCAR country. Service and work for several drivers, owners, and crew members.
  7. TJLinc

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    I'm not talking about once a season. I'm talking it got to the point that if I could run it 2 days in a row without having to rig something I was happy. Also something that I didn't mention because it wasn't a 'breakdown' is the fact that I had to be so careful about I sprayed out of it because the pump would gum up. And, yes I rinsed every night.
  8. TJLinc

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    Of my 200+ fertilizer accounts I have less than 5 properties that I can't get my LT into. When I bought the LT I said that I would run the LT on the bigger ones and the PG on the smaller ones.. That lasted about 2 days. Its just so accurate and stable. And dang its reliable. There is nothing that I have had to engineer a better way on the LT like I have on about every moving part on the PG.
  9. TJLinc

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    GL? Who is that?
  10. lawntennis

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    Permagreen gets slammed on this sight alot. We have a T-3000 and a permagreen. Our area is very hilly and the front wheel drive of the permagreen makes it better going across hill than the T-3000 and probably the Z-spray. The t-3000 is much more comfortable to run and is amazing staright up and down hills. While I have never owned a Z just looking at them you can tell they are the best built and most versatile machine of the bunch. When choosing you have to know what you want.

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