Ride on spreader/sprayer question

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CurbAppealKS, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. gregory

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    I spray barricade out the same time I spray herbicide I don't any problems spraying barricade.. I spray it out at 1gal per k.. I know some guys on here spray at .5gal per k..

    I would suggest you go look at all of the ride on's you can.. if you have to drive 3hr I would so you can atleast look at them.. I have a 36 jr had it since 07.. from what I see the ground logic is a good unit.. before I got my z spray I went and looked at the pg then the z spray in person the pg did not impress me at all...the z spray in my opinion is built a lot better then the pg don't know what the price difference is now..
  2. CurbAppealKS

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    How adjustable is the spray system on these things? The ad says they spray up to 1/2 gal/k. The ground logic rep quoted me like $7250 for the pathfinder.
  3. gregory

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    the z sprays can spray from 1/4 gal per k to 1 or 1.5 gal per k...I have 1gal per k in my and I leave it that bc I only treat my yard and that's it.. my jr will hold 200lbs of fert 100 in the hooper then another 100 in the trays..there are a lot of different things you can do with them also like add another tank or another pump it also comes with a hose reel with I think 50ft of hose..it also has by-pass agitation.. I think the t3000 also has that.. don't know about the pg or the ground logic.. I suggest you do a search on here and read.. there are a lot of post about the z spray and the ground logic along with the turfco t3000
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    That's the debatable!

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    I 2nd the motion
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    Been spreading pre for my first round with my z for a couple years now and just crunched the numbers for the liquid dimension 2ew and its seems to be way cheaper ($1 per K cheaper). So my question is, what ai are you spraying at? .25 for split apps? and at what gal per K .5 or 1 gal?
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    I'm not sure who your question was directed at?

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