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    Hi, a new guy here, first post. I've had a lawn service for 25 years and have always used Scotts R8A fertilizer spreaders. They work great, but on large accounts it ends up being a lot of walking, and more work to go back to spot spray problem areas. I've been looking at ride on spreader / sprayers and there are a few to choose from. I was impressed with the Northern Turf products SS220's features, but can't seem to find any reviews of this product. I looked at some threads on here discussing them, but most are a year old and inconclusive. I have some Turfco products, a renothin and an aerator, and have looked at the T3000, but it looks cumbersome and doesn't have as wide a swath width or capacity as the SS220.
    I need a ride on to do more large accounts more efficiently and need some information to make the right decision before plunking down the cash! Thanks
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    I think any of the 3 better known ride-on's (PG,Z,T) would be a much better choice than than than the northern turf spreader. I have only seen them in the magazine and wasn't impressed.
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    Where in S Dakota? Zimco in Souix City, Has a demo T3000 or I can run up and visit with you and let you try out my unit. I am in Lincoln, NE, But Zimco 712-252-1604
    would certainly be closer. The T 3000 spreads 18 foot wide for a 9 foot effective swath and does 4000 sq ft a minute. You need more than that? You can send me a PM and I can get you numbers to call.
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    I was in the same boat as you, after a lot of research, and a lot of help from the boys here on lawnsite i saw the following options:
    -if you want to buy new, $7400.00 to $9000.00 dollars range your best choices are the z-spray by LT Rich (zspray.com) or the T-3000 (turfco.com) both are excellent machines, and its up to you which one fits your needs.
    -If your on a tighter budget, or dont want to spend the above dollars now, you can find used PG's from $1500.00 to $4500.00, there are a few used on this site, or go to permagreen.com and they have a large used second to chosose from.

    -good luck.
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    Please take a look at our machines. Our Z-Max has a spray width of 10 feet and has a infinitely variable dry spread width from 3-25'. It has 50 gallons total liquid capacity (150k sq ft), 220# fert hopper. It includes a GPS speedometer, 50 foot hose reel. It is a Zero Turn unit with all stainless steel chassis, single belt drive. It is only $600 more than our competitor.

    If you want a unit for less money than our competitor, Our Intermediate has the same granular capacity, but a 18 gallon tank (54k sq Ft)
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    here is our comparison:

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    perfect way to chime it zspray and nice chart! I do realize everyone has an idea of what will fill their needs best, but for us it was by far the zsprays, we have three of them. we find the intermediate the most versitile but we have a max, int and jr for every situation.

    they are very versitile and can be custom made just for you, meaning they can add tanks to them, even with separate pumps to fit your needs, call them and they can tell you more, ask for andy!
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    That is my favorite Z-SPRAY add I think we all know who A and B are :p
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    Wheelies. You forgot to add does wheelies to your comparison chart.

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    MOB, I grew up not far from you on a NW Iowa farm, so common sense & trust goes a long way with me. IMO I would avoid the SS220 if you're looking for a ride-on that will last. IMO Z-Sprays & the T3000 are way ahead of the rest, but only one of the two is most practical (at least in our operation).

    Z-Spray chart is misleading in our opinion. Here's a list of their so called advantages:
    "zero turn" = two hands to steer :confused:
    all stainless steel - who cares if it doesn't rust? :rolleyes:
    220 lb hopper - We've run Spyker 220's for many years. Fine product, but matching that with only 18 gal = impractical. :cool2:
    Hose reel: Why would anybody need a long hose if they have a ride-on? :hammerhead:
    GPS speedometer: who needs one? anybody? :laugh:
    3-section boom = look out for obstacles/damage/missed areas :hammerhead:
    hydraulic drive hopper....been using Spyker hopper for many years. No advantage there either. :cool2:
    Spread width up to 25 feet. Fine, but where's the spay pattern :confused:
    18 gallon spray tank......ok, z-sprays beat the T3000 there by two gallons :laugh:
    Then the "chart" goes on -- even comparing tire sizes.....what's that all about? If there's a benefit, please show me :laugh::laugh:
    electric start: nice, but we never need it
    5 gallon gas tank: We have never run out of gas unless we treat over twenty acres per day. Then we just carry a 2 1/2 gal gas tank to refuel once more.

    Nuther thing to consider regarding "adding tanks & extra pumps", operating a unit like this will certainly keep your hands full.....especially when both hands are needed to steer it. Add it up, 2 hands to steer, then ask yourself if you need to spread fert or spray herbicides at the same time.

    T3000 = "cumbersome". I think not, cuz it's the only ride-on we could spray & spread while throwing "frisbies" at the same time. The "hands free" feature is part of what sold us. :usflag:

    The above are our employees' opinions. They are mine as well. We currently run three T3000's and no other ride-ons. Safety, ease of transportation, durability of product, route efficiency, safe maneuverability on slopes were not mentioned in this post, but they probably should have been, because these factors were important to us when making a buying decision.

    Anybody want to see new pics of our twin receiver carrier racks (aluminum + steel)? :cool2:

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