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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Scarlawnturf, May 10, 2008.

  1. Scarlawnturf

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    I'm just about ready to buy the HPS ride on spreader but I'm probably going to buy the model from Cub Cadet. It's the same, identical machine as Lesco, just painted yellow.(it's made by MTD) The price is the same as well. If I buy the Cub Cadet, I have a dealer just a mile from my house to fall back on. If I buy from Lesco, I just have a store front to talk to if I were to have problems. My questions are as follows for the folks that own one. Are you really happy with them? How are they holding up? Are they ok pulling up and down hills? Is the speed and the rate easy to control? How are they with a hopper full of product? I wish they had more stainless on them, but I guess I'll just have to stay on top of cleaning it well.
    I spread lots of granular and I need a dependable ride on as some of my properties are several acres. Any comments are appreciated.
  2. bug-guy

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    there are issues with the motor mounts as well as the idler pully. first always clean the machine dailey as well as coating with a protect spray ... maybe w-d40.
    if the machine is in storage for any length of time be sure the pulley on the idler arm is not frozen(fan opening on deck allows water to drop right on the bearing lube this also)
    the motor mounts are lacking and have been known to break just starting the machine.
    i have drilled out old mounts and have used a stainless steel nut and bolt.
  3. grenskpr

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    I have had several motor mounts break idler pulley gone bad and now the hopper cable has broken, This is on new machines one bought last Oct. one in Dec and another in Jan. we have gone back to pulling hose and I'll use these sparingly spreading lime etc. I've been very disappointed. The production is awsome but you just can't depend on these like you can a hypro pump if you know what I mean.

  4. Dano50

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    Okay, guys, this is a perfect application for Fluid Film. It will prove itself.

    If you've never tried it and live within the Continental United States, just send me a PM with a physical shipping address and I'll ship out a sample can right away. We even pay the shipping. That is how confident we are in our product. :cool2:
  5. LushGreenLawn

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    With all these issues, you would think it was manufactured by MTD.

    Oh, thats right, it is...
  6. philk17088

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    They will not hold up to heavy use. Not much more than a glorified piece of homeowner equipment.
  7. lawn king

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    My experience with these machines has been very good. Im running two units, a 2004 and a 2005. Both units were purchased new. We app hundreds of acres a year with them. I have done lots of PM on them and replaced, belts,bearings,trannys,idlers and multiple cables. Overall they have been, good reliable machines and we run them over some rugged terrain !
  8. Scarlawnturf

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    Thank you for the comments so far. I'm not afraid of doing some maintenance or even a modification to improve the machine. I just need a ride! I hate to have to spend 7 to 8,000 dollars or so for one of the other machines when I don't spray all that much. I wish there was something else out there to choose from. Thanks again.

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